Wednesday 13 February 2013

MUA Furry Nails

After caviar, leather and concrete, furry nails are the hottest trend for 2013. With the likes of Blake Lively having a soft and velvety manicure for her own wedding day. Not so long ago MUA (Make up academy) launched the fur-effect look in five different colours Fluffy Bobbin, Boo Boo Fluff, Fluff & Cuddles, Fluff & Puff and Fuzzy Fluff for only £3.00 it's a bargain not to be missed. I was lucky enough to get my hands on Fluffy Bobbin, Fluff & Cuddles and Fuzzy Fluff.

To see other swatches and colours in the fur-effect range please check out MUA's blog here.

To apply - 

First of all make sure the nail is clear of any polish. Apply your usual clear base, then apply a coloured nail polish it can be MUA or any other brand. Preferably a polish that matches the fur because this will make the look better if it does go slightly patchy it will be less noticeable. Apply the fur then pat down so the fur sticks to the polish then blow away the access fur. You can collect the fur up putting it in the little pot to use again another day. 

I was in a rush and didn't use the right polish for each individual colour.

The little finger is really patchy, this is what happens it you don't get it right.

You don't after do the entire nail. Why not create some patterns or have some furry nail tips. 

What i think -

  • The nail fur is a good invention, it's fun, quirky and different. But it is time consuming.
  • I advise when applying (One nail at a time) to do it quickly to stop it from drying it needs to be really wet and not dry in the slightest. Using tweezers this will build up the fur and get a better coverage. Also press down on the fur so it sticks well if you don't your results will be like my little finger.
  • I did get patches on a few occasions despite pressing down, i solved this by painting over the patch. The fur did stick to my brush a touch but it solved the problem lol. I advise you to purchase a cheap nail painting brush especially for the fur-effect in case this happens. Painting over the fur actually didn't ruin it but i wouldn't advise you t0 paint over the fur that's got a good coverage.
  • The pot, inside is a piece of plastic stuck in place with some tiny holes to let the product out. Make up academy please get rid. This is what makes fur-effect time consuming. And i would of been there until Christmas. But in the end i ended up looking like a murderer with a very sharp kitchen knife stabbing the hell out of it to break it so i could remove it. Best thing i ever did until i tried to put the lid on and i dropped it which resulted in a huge mess. I did try a normal cutlery knife, a screwdriver and even a folk without any luck.
  • If you are buying nail fur for the hope of wearing it for a few days don't bother. Fur-effect is best used for a family occasion or a night out. You will only get hours out of this. The fur is fine when getting wet it dries back to it's normal furriness. But if you like to use products such as hand soap (normal, everyday) or hand creams then this will make the fur go matted which is not a cool look.
  • All in all, i will wear again. Not a product i will personally use everyday or even every week but each to their own. More for occasions like a night out or a meal, etc. I would consider buying a different colour if one was released that suited my taste but i won't be purchasing these colours again after have ran out. Not that i don't like them it's just nice to try something different and i won't be reaching for them everyday or every few days like i would a nail polish.


  1. Nice review hun! I got the pink one recently lol, xoxo.

    1. Thanks. I don't think MUA agree, i post this on there timeline and it seems to have disappeared. I did it on laptop and someone wrote after me so they must have removed it. It was a honest review neither positive or negative just somewhere in the middle xx


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