Wednesday 21 August 2013

Cadbury's World

I've wanted to take a trip to Cadbury's World for quite some time. My mum wanted to more then me and being the almost chocoholic family we are I thought it would be nice for us all to go has a family. I live over two hours away (car journey) from where it's located in Birmingham and that excludes the chaotic traffic especially as you emerge into the city. It took us over five hours driving time to get their and back but for a chocoholic it was totally worth it. I'd just like to mention the #StayMatteChallenge I'm doing was really put to the test, not only had I the joys of dealing with a long car journey, heat, a few tantrums along the day, a bit of stress and lots of walking I'm pleased to say my foundation stayed intact apart from where I have a lovely breakout touched that area a few times which was hardly noticeable, my foundation last from 9am-9pm the lasting power is truly amazing.

Here are some photo's from the day;

Before arriving at Cadbury's World you need to book a set time online. When we arrived I couldn't believe how packed the car park was, once we was inside and had collected out tickets and making out way through doors to the actual screening of the making of Cadbury it was surprisingly quiet. The fact there is booking times online really helps keep the hectic surrounding flowing nicely and not at all over crowded in making your way round the place. The shop was the busiest place for obvious reasons. 

Before entering the screening's etc we were given a couple of bars of chocolate each for free. Inside were tv screens illustrating 3D figures with how the company came to be, this was pretty much it of all of the downstairs floor but it was really good to watch about how Cadbury's came to be. In those day's it was like slave labour and Cadbury's actually built houses for it's employee's in what today is known has Bournville village. After that it was chocolate galore, we weren't allowed to take photo's at this point which showed the workers creating products, packaging etc etc. We got to do some chocolate testing, melting chocolate, drying on the teeth, but some chocolate calorific yummy-ness and more free chocolate. We finally sat down for dinner at 3pm and afterwards made our way over to a section where you could combine your own flavour with more melting chocolate - I chose marshmallow and serious heaven they must make this bar somehow. I ended up feeling ill at this point and was totally put off chocolate for the day. Afterwards we went into a room which showed Cadbury through the ages with chocolate from when it first came to be until today and how the packaging has changed. We came out of the gift shop after the screening's which resulted in more madness with family members scooting in all directions to see what goodies they could purchase. We actually didn't buy much only a few bags of mis-shaped chocolate, I opened mine and I can't see any that's mis-shaped so it must only be ever so slightly but there is strawberry creme's and caramel barrels - chocolate heaven basically. I picked up a chocolate bean keyring that can be seen in the photo's. And there was a fun ride which can also be seen above it kept stopping though not sure if this was due to a fault or just for the camera above to take photo's.

All in all I had a fantastic day, not some placed I'd visit every year or even a few times a year but maybe in five years or so I'll go again. Especially considering the distance. I sort of fell in love with bourneville village and it's cute chocolate box houses. I'd so move to that place. Anyhow I'm off to flamingo land tomorrow which will test my #Staymattechallenge foundation so look out for a post on that. 


  1. I'm eating chocolate while reading your posts lol. It sounds like another fab time, the journey is the only problem with young kids though but my son stays really quiet in the car, its only when we use public transport, he doesn't stop talking lol, xoox.

    1. Yum. I've over indulged lately. Still got quite a bit left its all thoughs freebies.

      My two are good in the car, they weren't too bad but when you tell monkey 1 to be quiet he goes louder and then when you ask him to stay nearby he chucks himself spread out across the floor lol. Doesn't help when we are in the middle of a talk thing via the tv and everyones quiet xx

    2. Lol, that's boys for you! xoxo.


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