Sunday 18 August 2013

New Rimmel #StayMatteChallenge *

Coming home to find this at the letter box was really the icing on the cake. I'm super excited to try it out and before it even hit's the shop's! I went for the shade Ivory because I use Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Ivory has my everyday foundation the shade is a little off for my skin tone but only ever so slightly, it's not even that noticeable when applied plus it's the lightest shade in the Rimmel Wake Me Up collection. For all you paley's out there you'll be pleased to know that the New Stay Matte foundation now has a shade lighter then this one. Now I'm a huge Rimmel fan it's been my go to brand since early high school, when I discovered make up and dabbed into it before becoming fully committed to the stuff at 15 still till this day I use Rimmel. I just love Rimmel and have been really fortunate to take part in Lash Accelerator Endless mascara (at the moment my favourite mascara) review too and winning amazing goodies.

Day 1 - I'm going to share Day 1 via my blog, so you see a good review. To see my thoughts Day 2-7 please find me on Twitter @KateSparkleDust & Follow the #StayMatteChallenge. I have some really fun day trips planned such as Flamingo Land this week which will really test this foundation especially when I'm on thing's like rollercoasters and water rides.

This is a liquid mousse foundation, that claims to be lightweight and have shine control.

I was a little worried about the shade thinking it would be too dark but it's not to bad. I really enjoyed using this foundation on the first day of my challenge, I only wore it for five hours but it last really well apart from my watery eye (I have a problem where I don't blink enough which results in a watery eye - don't ask) it removed a little in the corner of my eye. The foundation is light has it claims to be, light as a feather and spreads evenly for good coverage. A little goes along way so your really getting your money's worth. When putting on your hand it feel's thicker then a normal foundation but it's surprisingly lighter then you think at first look/feel. Unlike most foundations this has a matte finish leaving know greasy texture I still used the Rimmel matte powder in peach glow over the top, it's make up routine but it's not a necessary with Matte mousse foundation. In the picture above you can see the mousse effect. I'm really happy with this foundation and can't recommend it enough and that's just after 1 day. Now to get through 6 more days and see if lasts whilst I face rollercoasters and a day at flamingo land this week. Remember to follow me on twitter @KateSparkleDust and follow the #StayMatteChallenge to see my results whilst checking others out too. 


  1. The coverage looks Really good and the texture looks really interesting in that second photo too! Oh I really hope there's still a chance they'll get in touch with me, even more than before as that looks so cool! xx

    1. I hope you get it too. The coverage is really good and because a little goes along way it's a great investment product. It comes out quite thickly hence why a little goes along way but it's really as light as a feather, you don't need a lot and it washes off easily. The packaging is very sleek and simple too I really like it. xx

  2. It does look nice and light, reminds me a bit of the dream matte mousse from Maybelline, xoxo.

    1. I think it's similar in texture. I've not really tried the Maybelline one so I couldn't possibly compare. Not done the day 4 today my skin was due a much needed break from make up. Going to crack open a face mask soon to get my skin sort of glowing. Bad break out again... it's bloody depressing I tell you that xx


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