Tuesday 6 August 2013

Khroma Beauty Joystick | Sea Coral

I'm a reality TV junkie and up there on the list of reality TV that I watch is Keeping up with the kardashian's. I absolutely love their program, and was thrilled to be chosen has a winner of a prize over at Kardashian Beauty Europe, which included the joystick's. I just want to point out my product is labelled with Khroma but the brand is going through a name change which will be Kardashian Beauty due to legal reason's.

I've barely touched any of the product's I won, vowing to use some older product's up before taking them out of the packet. But buckled when I saw this on a swatch online. So allowing myself one sneak peak of just one product, I of course chose Sea Coral - it made sense with it being summer despite the lack of sunshine at the minute.

Sea Coral is a really warm peachy/orange. In different light's the colour changes dramatically making it the perfect shade for either summer or autumn. It's cool enough for summer, but warm enough for Autumn almost like fallen leaves that are that slight tinge of orange/brown. Unlike other lipstick's this is long, slim and has a real pencil crayon look to it even down to the product inside. Don't let that deceive you though upon application the product it's self is creamy and even though it takes longer to apply then your average lipstick it applies very precise to perfection due to the slimness of the product inside. I found it didn't cling to any dry parts on the lips and is quite creamy as well as moisturising, the glossy feel isn't too much but to make it shine some more I'd recommend adding a clear lipgloss over the top. It also come's with a twisty bottom for even more product.

These are available for purchase at feelunique for £10.95 with free delivery. However only one shade is in stock to purchase from the joystick collection. You can also purchase the rest of the Kardashian beauty products at feel unique or Kardashian Beauty Europe.
Happy Shopping!

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  1. It's no surprise that you had to open that one, it's soo pretty! xx

    1. It is pretty special. The photo's aren't brilliant though but I'm glad you like what you see. Looking forward to opening the rest of them xx

  2. Its a lovely shade and suits you a lot. I love the creamy texture look of it too, xoxo.


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