Thursday 29 August 2013

Mini Collective Haul - Birchbox & Beauty Bay.

The good thing about being subscribed to Birchbox isn't only that I get to try new products that I've never tried before and on most occasions never heard of but once you fill in a survey (30 secs of a job) you get Birchbox points. They soon add up and for every 100 points you get £10.00 and then you can start spending. If you want to subscribe to Birchbox feel free to do so here doing so will not just give me 50 points (£5 worth) but also yourself, giving you a great start in collecting them ready to make your first e-shop order. This is my second e-shop order last time I collected £20.00 worth of points this time I managed to get £30 and it really doesn't feel like long ago since I made my first order. I wanted too get a great selection of goodies that varied, but I didn't have a clue what. 

So firstly I settled on Natio gentle foaming facial cleanser. I first got this has a sample in my Birchbox and just loved it, and I guess others did too, because when I went to spend my Birchbox points first time round it was no longer in stock so I ended up getting it from Debenhams. I'm currently using a Balance Me cleanser at the moment and this will be good and a money saver to use when I've used that up.

Next up, The Balms hot mama. I got the swiss dot sample from The Balm in my Birchbox. I was majorly impressed with the pigmentation (full-size £21.50) and the lovely packaging. Hot mama isn't just a blush, it also can be used has a shadow and even an highlighter according to the brand. Very mulch-functional and only costs £12.50. It's a peachy pink with a shimmer of shimmer, I haven't tried it yet but what I hear is it's very subtle but also buildable to enhance the colour. This is so perfect for summer night's to give you healthy glow (I've seen photo's and the shade is a dream)

Yes to cucumber facial Towelettes. These are new to the e-shop and a brand I'm yet to see in the Birchbox however I've heard a little about the brand and it seemed a good idea to try something. Birchbox Breakdown; The Yes To Cucumbers line uses organic cucumbers, packed with rejuvenating vitamins that help cool and soothe the skin. These must-have Facial Towelettes also uses anti-inflammatory green tea extract to improve the general health of the skin, protect against free radical damage and to help rebuild damaged cells. Containing lush moisturising ingredient aloe vera, these oil-free and hypoallergenic towelettes will leave your skin cool but hydrated. For only £4.99 they are inexpensive. 

Balmi are one of them brands I hear about a lot but have never tried. Autumns coming followed by Winter and even though I don't need to stock up on lip products I thought I'd get this anyways. The season for chapped lips is upon us and even though I don't suffer from lip problems EVER I though this would be good to keep them moisturised and looking okay in them cold months. I settled for strawberry because of the pink packaging I did go for Raspberry to begin with then got an email saying that it was in fact out of stock they did issue me with a refund on my points but then very nicely allowed me to receive a different shade after I asked but it came out in a different order hence why I'm only doing this haul now because I only got the Balmi today.

Birchbox are offering some freebies with each order as well as free delivery which is just amazing. They sent out some curlers (£10) and a mirror (£7.50) I already own these because they came in a previous Birchbox so I thought I'd add them to a future giveaway. Then this morning I got a Balmi and what was in my parcel none other then another curler and mirror so I now have three. Not even used the first set yet. So I'm going to give the third set to my mum. So I got £47.50 + the extra £17.50 for the third set of curlers and mirror absolutely free. 

I then treated myself with my own cash to Macadamia Deep Repair Masque it was about £6.66 for 100ml with free delivery from Beauty Bay. I love a good hair masque but I'd never tried Macadamia before so purchase a sample at Fragrance Direct for a few pounds. It last like four times and the sample was a decent 30ml. I really liked this masque and I'm pretty sure I have a review of the sample in my drafts ready to publish sometime. So I won't go into it too much. Buy here
They do have a sample too at beauty bay.

Expect a good few reviews coming soon.

Now I thought had share with you a few photo's of my day at the beach earlier on this week (Tuesday). I don't have a nearby beach within walking distance it's a good 45mins/ an hour away and the nearest one Blackpool, St anne's (round the corner from Blackpool literally the corner of a road). I love the beach but don't get to go too often which is why I go as much as possible when on holiday. I'm really enjoying photography at the moment some shots are better then others. Hope you like. 


  1. THe Birch box shop is fab isn't it? I bought the balmi and the hot mama too.

    Karen x

  2. I haven't been to Blackpool since I was 12 lol. Did you go on any of the rides?? I really loved the Macadamia hair masque, I always forget to purchase it lol, xoxo.

    1. No I actually haven't been on the rides since primary maybe early high school can't quite remember. We went too St Annes which is round the corner of a road along the coast it was bank oliday so blackpool was busy we figured St annes would be less busy turns out it was probably more so. I enjoy the peace of st annes because blackpool is full of drunks and not most of them time a place to take little ones we just wanted to enjoy the sunshine on the beach. We just drove through blackpool on way home and didn't get out the car. The plane was taken on the beach in st annes too xx

    2. As long as you all enjoyed yourselves, which you did that's all that matters. I also remember going to the casino in Blackpool, but I think kids were only allowed to go to the small games room where you just put your pennies in the machines lol. I hope you enjoy your weekend Kate, xoxo.

    3. I think the majority of blackpools buildings house a slot machine. I don't do gambling or that sort of stuff unless its a lottery ticket occassionally. I'm a very quiet weekend spent way to much money yesterday shopping not for myself. I'm not much of a shopper I don't mind it but I can think of better ways to spend my time lol. You have a good weekend too xx

    4. I don't gamble too lol, apart from the odd lottery ticket like you. Thanks hun, xx.

    5. I know hun. It's just slot machines etc it's all gambling. I use to go on the 2p machines has a kid but you lose more money then you win and even though it gets addicting because you think you'll get that next big win you never do and end up losing more then you gain. xx


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