Friday, 9 August 2013

Barry M Series #5 | Sequin Nail Effects

The sequin nail effect polishes are made up of three different shades pink, white and black. Each one is filled with small sequins the white and pink contain multicolored sequins where as black is just gold. The three polishes are all quite sheer so I decided to find three polishes that matched almost exact to the sequin effect polishes before applying them. The sequin effect nail polishes aren't ones to be layered with numerous coats inside the texture is a gritty sandy effect which spoils it a little because with numerous coats it creates are a clotted feel. And sometimes the sequins aren't spread equally as you'd like. I did however do two coats of the sequin polishes as you can see with the black it's got quite a clotted feel and it's hard to see the gold sequins. The pink isn't as bad but you can still see that clotted almost tacky feel to it the reason behind this is because of the sandy texture inside the polish. I however love the white one, this turned out the best and the texture was the smoothes especially with a coloured base applied before the sequin effect and also with a top coat. I wouldn't have any worries about wearing the white and if you wish to try these then I'd go with the white first. I think it's by far the prettiest too. I think they should re-do the formula without the gritty feel, these will sell better and people would prefer that I think.

£3.99 each

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