Sunday 20 September 2015

Grey by E L James | Book Review

 I'm sure everyone and their dogs have heard of the Fifty Shades phenomenon by now and if not, where have you been? I'm very much aware it's not to everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely love it. I reviewed the Fifty Shades trilogy such a long time ago now. I believe it's not hugely popular due to the concept of the story, Christian himself and the obvious detailed throughout. Saying that, this is the only book I've actually managed to complete since Spring and I thought it was time my blog was due a book review.

Christian Grey isn't a much liked character among the majority of the public but I just think he's very misunderstood. Grey is the perfect book to dive into if you are wanting to get to know the character on a more personal level. Everything is wrote out from his perspective and it certainly see's him in a different light - one that's much more likable. Grey isn't going to be to everyone's cup of tea whether you are a fan or not. The book is wrote out exactly like Fifty Shades of Grey and most may find the story a waste of time. It does, however, go into much depth about the business and his relationship with fellow characters within the book. One I think will be an interest to many is Mrs Robinson (aka Elena). The tough upbringing Grey has experienced really is touching and the reason he's the way he his is easy to see/point out. Though very similar to Fifty Shades I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and seeing the story unravel through his eyes. I do recommend it more so to fans of Fifty Shades and those who enjoyed the books but didn't take to Christian to kindly.

I'm currently unsure whether they'll be a follow up to Grey.

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