Sunday 9 June 2013

Midnight Walk Complete

Please note: This will be the last time I mention this - some maybe happy to know the amount of times I've mentioned it.

Last night / this morning was the start of the midnight walk where me, my mum, sister and her friend walking eight miles to raise money for Pendleside hospice. The turn out was a huge success, we couldn't quite hear the radio DJ from 2BR over the noise of everyone but me, my sister and mum all heard different numbers of the turnout (me: 1004, mum: 1040, sister: 1400) it's one of them we heard the thousand and a four lol. 

There were stalls with accessories to make the walk fun and for us to stand out, like flashing bunny ears and more. I got a flashing butterfly head band. They were decent music, a Abba tribute band then someone from the local leisure centre got us warmed up with a mixture of different exercises. We then had a minute silence released some balloons and off we went. 

I'm happy to report me and my mum finished the walk in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Unfortunately we lost my sister and her friends along the way and ended up waiting for 20 minutes for them to come along to the finish line. The last mile and half I did have to walk in just socks - My trainers were brand new never worn and I didn't have time to break them in which resulted in my having HUGE blisters on the back of my heel. My legs are a little achy and I'm going to have a long soak later to ease the pain. We were rewarded with a medal and a certificate on the return to the finish line. I just want to take this moment to say how proud I am of my mum, she was seriously ill in hospital at the beginning of the year, she then was diagnosed with severe asthma she didn't allow this to affect her chances of finishing and pushed through right until the finish all in the name of charity. 

I also want to thank everyone who sponsored and helped me double my target of £50.00. I made a £100 and I couldn't of done that without everyone who gave sponsors, support and especially MUA - Mr MUA, the company and everyone involved. I am still collecting sponsors for a week or so and it would be great if we could add to £100 no matter how little a pound would do and I and Pendleside hospice would be ever so grateful. Anyone can sponsor worldwide using phone, paypal or debit card. Every little helps.
Please, please, please if you can. All info can be found on my Just Giving page.

Thanks again.


  1. Well done, hon. Maybe the uggs would have been better after all ;) Hope your feet, and legs, are better soon xx

    1. Thanks Laura. Yes they probably would of been lol. I'm absolutely exhausted, I'm struggling to function I woke up at 6.15 went to bed about 3ish. I won't be moving all day only to have a soak, the other half can do everything. I will clean house / do washing tomorrow. No energy to be motivated into anything productive lol. I have to go town tomorrow to sort all the fathers day stuff out though - wish me luck on the feet part :) xx

    2. Well make the most of the rest today! Maybe a footbath in some lavendar oil and tea tree would help, if you have them, with the blisters as they are natural anticeptics and a warm foot bath would feel nice!

  2. Congratulations hun! I always get blisters on my heels no matter how many times I wear shoes or trainers. You've done soooo well, your mum must be proud of you and your sis, xoxo.

    1. Thank you. I'm really proud of my mum she wants to do it next year too. I still have the blister its really big have got compeed on it but I'm not sure how its suppose to help xx

    2. I wish I had the compeed free kit from bzz agent, I always have problems with my heels :(, xoxo.

    3. I've only had the one campaign but I did fill in several forms yesterday so I have high hopes that maybe, just maybe I may get some more! They are really good highly recommend them. The blisters off I've been left with red almost raw new skin it hurts a little but it's better then having the blister. I cleaned it with cool boiled water then put a plaster on to stop infection. I don't tend to get them I wouldn't of done if I'd of wore thick socks. Because my trainers were too big so all night they were slipping off my feet whilst rubbing against the back but the size below was too small. xx


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