Thursday 20 June 2013

Get Summer Ready #3

Fashion: Again prints are HUGE this season and this beautiful maxi dress from boohoo is bang on trend with print and Ombre too. Crop tops are everywhere too and look fabulous paired with a high wasted skirts for summer nights and high wasted shorts for summer days. A way to wear a crop top casually but if the UK weathers a bit rubbish is layering (if it's t-shirt type crop top) you can layer with a vest top underneath. I love this tie dye skirt from Motel Rocks it will look amazing on a night out. Everyone loves a good sarong and this vintage floral one in teal from Debenhams is so girly and will have you looking fantastic on the beach.

Accessories: Accessories are what complete an outfit and with most you can get away with statement pieces. Chunky Jewellery like necklaces are very now but it won't be for everyone so dainty pieces like this Eiffel tower necklace are perfect for them less daring. I like my dainty Jewellery but I'm loving this Owl necklace it's got a stunning pattern which is bright and vibrant. I think bangles are so pretty for summer and you can style them with a few or all of them or in different order there's so many endless possibilities on wearing these. Studs are greats and easy for summer days especially if your doing a lot of activities, there are so many on the high street you can pick them up for next to nothing. I love these big chunky rings, they are very fashionable and there's a style to suit every occasion from night time wear to a summer wedding. How gorgeous is this Bold two toned envelope clutch, very vibrant, fun and perfect for summer. Sunglasses get big every year from ice cream cones, love hearts, your basic style or these on trend Aviator ones which I love. And there's loads to choose from and you can pick them up very cheap from places like Primark or other highstreet alternatives.

Festivals: I love reading magazines when the festival season has started just to see what celebs that have gone are wearing. Usually most outfits are teamed with a mac of some kind and a pair of wellies. But it's usually oozing with people dressed in the latest trends. From fabulous on trend hats, to trendy print backpacks. I love the whole hippy vibe of the festivals and feathers are a big part of that and the feather earrings are perfect for this kind of event. Along with these Crown and headbands from crown and glory, stand out from the crowd with these that just seem to be so huge this year - They look great with beach wear too or a long maxi dress and there's so many styles too choose from. 

Summer 13 hair: Three huge hair trends this summer are beach wave hair, plaits and ombre (dip dyed). For beach wave hair like above you can get the look using Bumbe & Bumble products has seen above. Up-do's are very convenient as seen on Emma Watson and easy enough to do, putting plaits in will create the hair trend, Emma's done just little braids but you create a plait from the top of your hair right round the hair line to create an almost head band type feel. (Check google for more inspiration). And ombre is really up there in the hair trend stakes has seen on Khloe Kardashian it's so pretty and will look great with beach wave hair too and it's easy enough to do and if your on a budget you can pick kits up for less then a tenner.

If for any reason companies don't want their brand on this post please drop me an email and I will remove it immediately. Pictures have been taken from Google and brands seen on the pictures website. 

This is the end of my get summer ready series. If you need help finding the products drop me a comment and I will happily help you out.


  1. Great post hun, how have you been? Have you been chosen for more bzz agent campaigns? xoxo.

    1. Thanks. I've been tired been a long day yesterday with lots of walking still recovering now lol. No I haven't I guess you have xx

    2. I've been chosen for the new Danone yogurt and colmans season and shake, nothing major lol. I think it may be because your new and I've got more points. I still need to do a veet review on my blog, xoxo. Btw if you do decide to get the voucher code thing on your blog, could I be cheeky and ask you to type my blog name in, you get £5 for referring people. But I've not had any clicks on my widget yet, I've checked online, xoxo.

    3. Yeah probably but some people get two and more on first week of signing up so I'm unsure whether newness is anything to do with it. I've tried the seasoning bags loads of times and tried to buy these yogurts yesterday but they were none in my local asda going to go tescos next week and have a look for some instead.

      Unfortanately I signed up early this morning using parters paypal sorry. I thought mine may of had something to do with a link I clicked on with blog views found out now its a spam still waiting on them getting back to me. And views have gone from a few to 60 odd with them xx

    4. It might be the surveys we answered? Don't worry about it, enjoy the reminder of your Sunday, xoxo.

    5. That's a strong possibility :D you too xx


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