Saturday, 15 June 2013

Get Summer Ready #1

Sometimes people need a helping hand when it comes to getting summer ready and I thought had be that hand. On this picture board (collage) is my summer inspired beauty products. I haven't necessarily tried all the products in the picture however I have tried the brands so I know sort of what to expect. I had so much fun putting this together and doing so I felt a 13 going on 30 moment going on when she's putting the boards together for the magazines. It did take a very long time (I won't tell you how long) but a very, very long time because this is the first in a get summer ready three part series and I hope you like it. You can click the picture allowing it to be enlarged so you can read the small prints easier.

Where ever your going in the summer whether that's abroad or staying on home turf or even having a mini UK break every beauty lover is going to be wearing some make up of some kind whether that's minimal or the normal, foundation, mascara etc etc.

Keeping safe: We are fortunate enough that most make up comes with many benefits including SPF my foundation of choice Rimmel wake me up does and so does Korres lip butter making it perfect for day time wear. But sun protection is important so remember to use sun cream, at the end of the day keep your skin hydrated with body butter and your facial area with Amie's deep cooling clay mask which will make you feel refreshed in 15 minutes. And drink lots of water.

Make up: FashionistA palette by MUA is the perfect palette to pop in your bag coming in two sizes you can pick four shades or six and these include a mixture of eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers perfect for taking it from day to night and keeping packing to a minimum. Make one today to suit your own personal style. Day time is the perfect time to just leave your look to a minimum using just neutral shades come night time it's time to party and you will want them bold statement colours, MUA's lipstain in fruitilicious will keep you going all night without top ups, where has Dainty Dolls it's my party will give you bold statement lips, wear it matte or had the so vain lipgloss for a glossy feel.

Shades: Pastels and neon colours are very in right now and perfect for summer so add some colour to them nails and get summer ready. 

Scent: Smell gorgeous with your favourite signature summer scent. Hugo boss orange is my summer scent of choice for night time and a little spray of soap and glory's mist you madly is just perfect for day. Keeping you smelling beautiful in just one click.

I have used all products except the palette and waterproof mascara. I have used the body butter but in a different scent but coconut is a more summery scent so was my butter of choice. I have used venus shavers but not this exact one. My mum owns two of the nivea travel essentials one I bought, I haven't used all products inside however have used a few. If you want any help finding each product, then give me a comment and I will help you find them :)

All photos taken are from Google, each individual site has brand seen or drug stores. If any company wants me to take down their product email me and I will happily do so. 

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