Thursday 6 June 2013

Nails, Nails & More Nails.

 Have added quite a collection of polishes up & NOTD's. Thought it was about time i put them up instead of them going to the bottom of the pile. I got these polishes with my birthday money at the top Models own Snow white and Collection Bedazzled in love jewel. Snow white is a creamy polish, but it's one of them you either put a thick coat on else it goes a little streaky it's completely fine with great coverage after four layers - which is a lot. I think i just have to master applying it better. Saying that i do really like it and it will look great in winter with some glitter and sparkles. I applied love jewel over it. I don't think it's the most amazing combination ever but it doesn't look to bad. Love jewel is a clear polish with lots of purple glitters.
 This is a No7 polish is Jammy - I won it in a event bag for hair care twitter event. This is a lovely pinky/red it applied really well compared to my other No7 polishes I got at christmas and I was quite impressed. It did chip the next day though despite a top coat, I probably was busy cleaning or something. £6.00 from Boots but not available online.
 A couple of NOTD's. Seriously i am crazy about ombre at the moment and layering them with glitter lol. The top one is all mua apart from the glitter with All Nude, Frozen Yoghurt and Pistachio Ice Cream. These were done with the old polishes not the new ones. But I'm guessing they would turn out the same if not better if you gave it ago.
This one i used one of my new o.p.i polishes and the blue one from the hed kandi models own range Elephantastic (pink) and Balearic Cool (blue).
 The glitter coat on both is disco heaven. I'm not keen on this one.

 Remember to enter my raffle to win an amazing prize - on the pendleside hospice tab at the right. I have now put the an extra date on so rather then finishing fri midnight it's going into fri-sat at midnight. I would also like to point out when doing this I had a sneaky peak at the entries and found that two people have entered this without donating via Just Giving - I won't mention names. But this is highly inappropriate and really defeats the object of raising money for charity. You entries have been deleted (the one's who didn't donate) and if you wish to sponsor do it via the Just Giving tab follow the instructions via pendleside hospice tab then enter the rafflecopter once you've donated. Don't mean to sound harsh but it is for charity and it's a little disappointing people enter but aren't willing to give such a little fee to do so.


  1. Very pretty but the first one is my fave, you must be in nail polish heaven now haha, xoxo.

    1. Ombre? I prefer the MUA one too. I wasn't keen on the second. Yes I'm overloaded with the stuff. I don't know where to start. Took me 20 minutes to take it all out. I almost missed the delivery thought the door bell was the tv lol. xx

    2. The snow white one hun, I hope you enjoy the weekend too, xoxo.

    3. Thanks you too. Doubt I will be on here muxh got to try and function on a few hours sleep all weekend. Will only get 2 maybe 3 hours after I come in after the midnight walk xx

    4. Let me know all about it hun! xoxo.


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