Thursday 13 June 2013

Follow Me On Bloglovin, Google+ & Twitter

GFC will be going very soon. I'm not that bothered about it going tbh I'm more bothered about the news feed where all your posts show up so I can read them (I had a fault where it went missing for like two weeks due to something on my laptop blocking it. Trust me when I say it's really annoying) On a positive note Bloglovin' is around and seems to be the way forward in terms of reading all my favourite blog's. I'd love for you to follow me via bloglovin' if your following now via GFC so we can keep in contact with each others blogs and especially if you don't want to miss the Sparkle Dust content. If you follow me I will follow you back, I'm not a huge bloglovin' person at the minute and still adjusting to it, but once GFC is gone I will be on there more. Google+ is more or less GFC so I'd appreciate you clicking that too. And I'm always on Twitter @KateSparkleDust. You can find the tabs for GFC and Twitter on the right and Google+ is a short journey to the bottom of this page. I will be importing everyone I follow to my Bloglovin' page later so don't worry followers - I follow the majority of you so you will be making the journey with me to Bloglovin'.

I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks guys


  1. Oh no, didn't know about it leaving! i'm much more of a bloglovin' person anyway:) love reading your blog so glad I am following, would love a follow back?:)



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