Friday 21 June 2013

Barry M Series #1 - Hi-shine Nail Paint | Prickly Pear

I am loving the beautiful shades that are available in the Gelly Hi-shine nail paints from Barry M. I could of picked quite a few up but was a good girl and settled for just the one which was Prickly Pear and my first ever Gelly polish (Since writing this I have won 103 Barry M Nail Polishes and now got the entire Gelly polish collection). I have seen these everywhere due to the release of the new shades so I thought it was only fair I also tried one and I have to say I was neither disappointed nor were I overly excited by them. Applying them was a bit of a nightmare and was streaky after 3 coats i ended with the results seen in the picture which is what it says on the bottle a hi-shine Gelly quite creamy finish, I did expect them to be more creamier with one coat but this just wasn't the case. The finish results were perfect despite one nail being a little off and having problems which resulted in me removing them. I think the secret is to apply quite thickly obviously not to thick but not a thin cover either. I have seen these on other peoples blogs and they are gorgeous shades and look beautiful once applied to full coverage. I am not 100% sure whether I will purchase another from the Gelly range, due to people having bad experiences with almost instant chipping. Having said that I do love Barry M polishes in the more original collection. These are available on Barry M, Superdrug and Boots for £3.99 each.

Believe it or not I actually wrote this post months ago. Of course I won the entire nail art collection including the gelly polish'. A lot of people are loving these polishes at the moment and their literally flying off the shelves so I think it must be not applying them fantastically. I do love the end results and will definately apply them a little thicker and see if it changes my mind. Have decided to do a Barry M series it's going to be extra large and will include my opinion's or just NOTD. I have two of prickly pear now so this to be my first in my extra large Barry M series. Also my minds totally changed about the Gelly polishes #InLove


  1. I might purchase one shade because I love the shine but I hate taking time applying nail polishes lol, xoxo.

    1. Its a beautiful finish so it's worth the time :) xx


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