Sunday 29 September 2013

Book Review #4

Long Time Coming by Edie Claire - Joy has grown up hating her best friends then boyfriend after she was tragically killed in a accident she did nothing but blame him. Believing herself into thinking he was drink driving. She moved out of town and tried to forget what happened but it all comes rushing back to her after she decides to move back home to be by her ill dad's side and help her mum look after him. She's the new towns vet, her friends ex is now a man and the towns doctor that most of the women fancy. Thing's around her home life are weird and she doesn't know if someone is out to get her or she's being spooked by her best friends presence. Truth is Joy has feelings for the handsome town doctor and him her, but Joy feel's very guilty for it. Score 10/10 - I really loved this read it was really lovely. Yes it was about guilt, but also about a presence who wanted romance to happen. Love, loss and moving on as well as forgiving others is what makes this a really good read. I'd of loved to have read on after it finished, with Idea's for a second series of this book popping up in my head. Free.
The Job Offer by Eleanor Webb is a lovely summer read. Unemployed anne is returning to seattle to attend a interview for her dream job and stay a few weeks for the summer at her parents motel that is up the coast. She didn't expect to bump into ben young teen years crush who is around for his sisters wedding which will take place at her parents bed and breakfast. Neither did she expect to end up pretending to be engaged which leads to a summer romance, landing her dream job then find Ben is in fact her boss which ends with things going down hill from there. Score 10/10 - I really love this book it's the perfect summer read and really romantic which I love. Free.
I'm not going to go to much into this book because I have a lot to say about it. I actually liked this book, it was a really nice summer romance however it didn't take long for them to get to know one another in and out of the bedroom. The main character Amelia is quite a tomboy more into everything her romantic interest Craig is rather then girly thing's such has painting her nails etc etc. However the characters are likeable but Amelia seems to be too perfect, she can do everything there is absolutely no fault in her. She does however not have the perfect life, she's had her problems adding this makes the book more enjoyable because nobodies life is completely perfect. My only problem with this read is spelling mistakes and sentences in places not making sense. I'm not going to go on about grammar and what not because I can't talk because it's truly not my strong point. Score 7/10. Free.

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