Wednesday 25 September 2013

StyleLux Blackhead Killer Facemask | Review*

Image Source: StyleLux

I took some photos and they've been misplaced - I can't find them on my laptop anywhere. Sorry about that.

The StyleLux blackhead killer is a peel off face mask. According to StyleLux online, 'you apply like any facial mask - and then peel your pimples away!'. As blackhead killer dries it sucks the pimples, to remove all the bad bacteria out of your skin. It also removes dead cells, from the surface of you skin, once peeled away. 

Blackhead killer is made with all-natural herbal ingredients. So if facial masks tend to sting or result in a burning sensation, this face mask is for you. It didn't irritate me at all. 

My Thoughts

This facial mask can seem pricey at £14.95 but each sachet contains 10ml of product and you get five sachets. That works out at around just £2.99 each which is a decent price. 
The product it's self is a thick black, almost putty type feel but applies beautifully and thickly making it easy to remove. Please note; if it doesn't remove in places and does stick to the face, this is due to being wet still. 
I found the mask was easy enough to remove. It was almost like pulling cling film/a thin layer of skin off your face. It wasn't painful at all. I don't tend to suffer from blackheads, though the occasional (a lot lately) of acne. I didn't notice a huge difference, however I found my acne to have cleared up in places. This I think the result of a good face mask (blackhead), cleanser, toner and facial oil. I already want to try it again this time out of the bath. Who doesn't like a facial mask in the bath? I found steamy wet air prevented it from drying properly (especially second time round) first time it peeled off magnificently apart from a few places cracks around the nose, etc. Facial area is feeling a lot smoother which I'm happy about, plus usual dryness seems to be gone and I feel my healthy complexion is almost back, apart from the odd spot. You can take a look and buy here

I thought I'd introduce, what is available to purchase from StyleLux with a wishlist of goodies I'd love.

Image Source: StyleLux. Collage made by me.

Hair extensions - dark brown #2. I haven't tried hair extensions before and these are only £44.95 for 45cm (£10 more for 55cm). Which is a fair price for real human hair. I have long hair already, but no harm in having even longer hair.

Luxurious nail starter kit. I never go to the salon, to get my nails done and tend to them myself. Thanks to my excessive nail polish collection, (yes I'm a addict) I don't feel the need, but it would be nice to have a professional look every now and again. With this kit it's a perfect chance to save costs and do it yourself. And it's a bargain at just £44.95 and comes with everything you need for a professional looking french manicure. 

Next up is this watch, it's set in diamond inspired stones and really gives that bling effect (but not to much) there's a colour to suit everyone with five shades to choose from. And because there only £4.95, you could walk away with them all for a good bargain. I wouldn't mind having all five - greedy! 

Whats more is it's free delivery on all orders over £10.00 which isn't hard to spend. 

With Love ♥
Kate x

* PR sample sent for review.


  1. Hiya Kate, nice review - I just tagged you for the Autumn TAG. Hope you'll join in :o). Xx

    1. Thanks Charlotte. I will take a look in a minute. Then when I have some spare time I'll do it :) Thanks for the tag xx

  2. I love the watch a white straped watch is on my christmas list.

    Carrieanne x

    1. Yes it's really nice and feminine. I hope you get your watch! x

  3. £2.99 each really is a good price, I really want to try these out! xx

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