Saturday 21 September 2013

New Name, New Look. Same URL.

On Thursday I came to the decision to change my blogs URL/Name and I did. It's day two and it's been a bit of a nightmare in all honesty. (Never change your URL if you've be blogging for quite a while!). I thought my blog would benefit from this positive change, but it didn't, not one little bit. I'm not the biggest tech person and didn't realize that all my previous posts would end up broken due to the link being now non-existent. Thankfully nobody took my old URL, phew! And I've now taken the decision to go back, to that name only via URL for convenience. I've taken a lot of time, and effort, on each blog post and really don't want to lose the work or any of you guys which seems to have happened. I'm praying now I've done this, this post will at least show up in the new feed, argh!

I came to the decision to make major changes, because I felt it was time. I've been blogging for over a year now and I love it, just like I did the first time I wrote a post. I like to think, I've improved significantly, since then. Anyways I know that I'm one of the quieter blogs, but the fact I get views and someone actually reading what I have to say is what keeps me doing this, and the fact, I really love it - such a good hobby. I know, that people can find having a lot of different topics on a blog really annoying, but in all honesty I don't have time for several blogs, with my life, so I keep everything in one little place. I hope you all don't mind? The reason for my change in URL was the fact it had Beauty-UK in. I feel like even though there is a lot of beauty, mainly beauty there is a lot more to my blog then just beauty. I also wanted something that reflected me within the name. So despite having a list, of different names the size of my arm I settled upon A British Sparkle or British Sparkle (this wasn't on the list) because every other name had already been taken. British because it's my nationality and sparkle because I couldn't ditch Sparkle Dust fully, I love anything sparkly and like to think my personality (despite my shyness, so once you get to know me) sparkles throughout lol. I wanted to add a touch of British Sparkle to the web.

The contents will stay the same, beauty, occasional lifestyle and fashion posts, plus book and film reviews.

The look - I've gone back to basics (simple is more. Right?) I may add things, along time.
I really hope you like the new name (I hope it grows on you) and the new look.

Much Love ♥
Kate x

Twitter is now @ABritishSparkle - Bloglovin' and everything else hasn't change and neither as the email address.


  1. That's great thy you decided to take the plunge and give your blog a makeover! I always feel so much more inspired after I do that :) xxx

    1. Thank you. I go through these phases where I need change. I did it quite a bit when it was Sparkle Dust. I think the previous look was the longest I've ever left it lol.

      I'm feeling happier about the new look. And the name's starting to grow on me. It'll take some getting use too. xx

  2. So glad I read this. I couldn't decide whether to change my name and self host or just self host. I think I'm just gonna do the 2nd one. Although, I'm gonna wait until Google decide I'm not worthy of Page Rank first. Hehe

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Yes definitely not change your URL. You don't need to anyways. Your doing really well and are very talented at it :)

      But if you do it, good luck. xx

  3. I love your new blog name, catchy and refreshing, xoxo.

    1. It's a huge difference. I find the layout to be more clean now. I'm glad you like the name. It does take some getting use too xx


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