Monday 16 September 2013

Another Small Haul

Korres lip butter in Pomegranate from Feel Unique. Was on sale for £6.40 and also had extra 10% off code when I purchased it. (The price is back up the usual £8.00 on looking but that's subject to change between now of typing and when it get's publish. - could well be on offer again) Feel Unique have free delivery on all orders. Purchase here. My mum bought me this for a treat. I've wanted this shade for absolutely ages, even before I got the rose stick from Korres using my Birchbox points unfortunately at the time pomegranate wasn't in stock. Review coming soon.

Boots Botanics Organic Facial Oil. This is usually £9.99 but at time of purchasing it's only £6.66 - I swear I only paid £6.30ish for this though. Again another treat of my mama, using her Boots advantage card. So a possible freebie at my mums expense! I've spoken a few times about my breakouts on my blog. When I'm using a decent facial oil my breakout tends to go completely or look controlled with only a few minor spots. I've never bought a facial oil before but got send quite a smelly one to review a while ago which is almost up plus the occasional sample sized ones from beauty boxes. (Which I've also now cancelled) so it was time to purchase one. My spots at the moment are totally out of control like its the worse breakout I've ever had I look about fourteen with this breakout lol.  I wash twice a day once in the morning and before bed washing my make up off along with that I think the essential oils my skin craves are also going down the sink. I'm really hoping the botanics organic facial oil helps along with restoring my natural glow I am looking a little pasty. Unfortunately a lot of facial oils are quite expensive and I found this oil to be the biggest yet the cheapest but at 9.99 for 25ml it's a still expensive but I reckon a little will go a long way due to the pump inside. I'll explain more in a review. But a girls got to pay what a girl needs to pay to zap these spots away FOR GOOD! Hopefully. Boots here.

I also bought two Rimmel Matte powders (again) This is one of them products I've been purchase for a very long time and I will never stop purchasing it. I just love this product so much! Whilst I'm going through these now a days like there's no tomorrow whilst the Superdrug promotion of buy one get one half price is on I took advantage and bought two. £3.99 each.

I also bought two books from The Works - yes I know I own a Kindle. These were only £1.99 each or three for £5.00. I only had four pound in change and was reluctant to take my piece of plastic from my purse. These two novels look great. Cupcakes of Carrington's - came out 2013 (sequel coming November) and Manhattan - came out 2011. I of course looked on my Kindle amazon shop to check the price of these when I returned home to find one was £5.49 and the other £3.49. So I grabbed a bargain or two there. 
 I have been such a book worm at late so expect a hell of a lot of book reviews (I have several posts with 2/3 book reviews each. So expect to see these in the near future with a lot more book reviews needing to be typed up in the near future once read).

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 Prices are subject to change whether it's higher or lower and my prices are what I paid at time of purchase then typing it up. Publishing may not happen until a few weeks after writing up.

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