Thursday, 4 July 2013

Motel Rocks Street Team

Hi everyone, so I've some exciting news I'm officially part of Motel Rocks Street Team. I will now be taking part in tasks and what not which is really exciting. I've seen a few tasks and these are usually a collage - well we all know how much I love doing these.

I don't own much Motel Rocks at the moment, but I will add to my collection with time - I barely buy myself any fashion items which is really bad considering how much I love clothes this is what happens when you have kids lol. I wanted to get involved with the Motel Rocks street team to add more fashion into my blog, I love the fashion pieces from motel rocks and the quirkiness of each piece. Very individual and most importantly unique which I believe what fashion is all about.

Now I'm part of the team I have a exclusive offer/code to share with my readers of 20% off. All you have to do is enter katem in the discount/voucher box via payment. I also have a motel rocks button on the tab at the right. Right now Motel Rocks summer sale has began so now's the time to treat yourself to a little something, you also get £10 credit when you sign up to the newsletter which you can put towards whatever you buy this also includes free delivery and free returns if it didn't fit. You can't get better then that. Shop here.

Happy Shopping

My first task will be up in a few hours.

Remember to enter my two giveaways that are going on (Check T&C) 

And Happy 4th of July. 

Also check out Glamour Magazine this month get free Balance Me goodies. I got Limited Edition shine on tinted lip salve in sheer raspberry.
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