Thursday, 11 July 2013

Crown And Glory Hair Piece

 Before Easter I won a competition with In Love With Fashion this included a dress of choice and a hair piece from Crown And Glory and the other month I finally received my hair piece due to lack of communication someone forgot to mention I'd won a hair piece. It all worked out perfectly because the original piece I wanted wasn't available on the in love with fashion website and then when I mentioned I'd not yet received the prize it was, yay. I chose this purple rain crown has seen on Perrie from Little Mix. This retails for only £12.00 which is a complete bargain because each one is hand made. Mine came with butterflies and ombre flowers attached and is a really beautiful piece. I think it's perfect for festivals and holidays. Behind is a ribbon attached so you can extend the band according to head size. All the pieces are really unique - hair pieces are very in so I would recommend checking out their website here.

I just want to apologize for my absence. I don't have an excuse really no lavish holiday planned for this girl. My posts really have slacked over the past few weeks to a month or so. I am dedicated more then ever to bringing my readers/viewers something enjoyable to read. I have been here mainly in the back ground popping in and out, and I've had posts in drafts for weeks so I've not really dedicated anytime to typing any up (trust me I have a lot to write) but when you live in the UK and get some sunshine you need to make the most of it. Plus I've been spending time with my family, etc. I will be typing posts up soon and in advance I will be taking two weeks completely out in August to enjoy more family time but I will pop posts up in my absence but most likely won't be commenting on my blog to peoples post neither will I be commenting on people's blog posts either but don't think I'm being ignorant I have been reading them. Also I've had some trouble with my phone and even though it's been reset it's still driving me round the bend which is where I usually do my blogging from with commenting etc. Not posts. I hope your enjoying your summer and remember to please enter my international giveaway to get fashion ready with statement glasses whether it's sunnies or prescription. I also have my 1 year blog birthday giveaway going on so please check it out.


  1. I've been eyeing up floral crowns lately but I'm not too sure if I'll have the confidence to wear it. I do LOVE the look of them though, and they look great on everyone I've seen wearing them. I'm so tempted! x

    1. I feel exactly the same but it was part of a prize so I had to choose one. I think crowns are touch and go for everyone but fashions about taking risks so you should go for it there also fairly cheap. Everyone I see wearing them looks great but when I look in mirror I'm just not sure probably cause I'm not use to it. I think it looks amazing for festivals and beach wear or lovely for a meal out abroad with a maxi dress. I need to build the courage to wear it outdoors sometime x

  2. This looks very pretty, I'm glad you finally received a piece. I'm the same as you, I'm enjoying spending time with my family too much and enjoying the sun while I can lol. In August its going to be worse as its my birthday and my sons lol, xoxo.

    1. Me too. My hairs so thin I look like I've a bold patch ha I swear it's my parting lol. I know the sun takes it out of you. I'm barely spending anytime on the laptop at the moment I've just wrote and publish the money supermarket post and manage to write another up even thought I already have three in drafts. I do come on and read posts and publish, comment every now and again but in August for 1+ weeks I will publish posts just not comment until I'm back or bored lol. That's weird it's my partners birthday plus my sons. 6th and 10th xx


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