Tuesday 2 July 2013

Collective Haul | Organic Surge & The Body Shop

 The other day I was having one of my usual daily looks on Google reader and came across a post about Organic Surge and how they have a sale on. I'm very familiar with Organic Surge I've seen them on numerous blogs whether that individual as bought something from them or in a beauty box. I personally have never tried the brand so when I saw the word sale and then a code for free delivery I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try the brand. I didn't really need any skincare essentials or bath products so I kept it to a minimum and only spent £3.00 however both of my items together are worth at full price just short of £12.00.

What I got -
Blissful Daily Moisturiser.
This is for normal to combination skin, my skin's normal but will fit in perfectly with my skincare routine if it becomes a little dry. I thought this would be a great little alternative and a change to my usual Nivea soft cream but it will be sometime before I use it due to the fact I've only just opened a new tub of the Nivea cream. This at full price costs £8.49 however I paid just £2.12.

Lemon & Honey Happy Soap
Soap isn't something I really need I've three in my bathroom yet to be used but for a value of £3.50 and in the sale for just 88p I thought it will go in my collection ready to be used in time. This doesn't have any chemical overload and cleanses, nourishes and moisturises the skin plus as a natural fragrance. I love the scent of lemon it's beautiful whilst being really fresh, honey is also a natural remedy for adult acne I'm not someone who gets adult acne but the odd breakout which I've suffered a lot recently makes me go into melt down. I didn't get spots as a teen so I think I'm getting my share now.

The Body Shop

I knew a sale had started when I got an email but resisted the temptation and didn't even go on the body shop website. The I saw Laura's haul and truly couldn't believe the bargains she managed to pick up but I didn't look online but once again managed to resist the temptation. Then I got another email from body shop saying they were 40% off and it was the last day. So I had a sneaky look and couldn't resist making an order. Not only were they 40% off they were also a sale - sale prices and an extra 40% off on top of that plus free delivery with spends over a fiver I certainly wasn't going to say no. I didn't need any of this stuff which is really bad so I thought I'd do a summer essentials skin/bodycare/haircare kit for my mini break next month. I had a few issues but it was technical fault not body shops and it all worked out better then I thought in the end including getting the vanilla bliss body polish which I thought had gone out of stock and wasn't coming.
What I got -

Vitamin E Moisture Mask & Tea Tree Face Mask
I've tried the tea tree face mask before and really enjoyed how fresh it made my skin feel and it lasts a good 2/3 goes. I still really wanted the amie cooling clay mask though. I decided to try a new sachet of the vitamin E moisture mask for a change. 90p each RRP £1.50

The body shop threw in a little extra and freebie of Rainforest moisture hair butter. Which I also got in my hair kit (see below) this may be put in my current giveaway along with another sachet I put in that I got free with my organic surge order of the same cream I also purchased.

Rainforest Moisture - for dry hair.
This kit was just £4.00 with 40% off I paid just £2.40. My hair isn't dry at all but I'd like it to have a little more moisture hence why I bought this kit. It came with 60ml shampoo and conditioner and a decent sized tub of hair butter - I'm really intrigued by this because I've never come across a hair butter before. It also came with a detangle comb. These are made with no silicone, no colourants and no parabens. The sizes are really decent for the price and will be great to take on my travels next month.

Coconut Shower Gel/Cream
I only paid £1.80 for this decent 400ml size and I'm so glad I did. It smells divine it's literally holiday scent in a bottle. I love the smell of heavenly sun creams that have a coconut scent and this is exactly that.

Vanilla Bliss Body Polish
After getting a vanilla shower gel from body shop at Christmas and quickly falling in love with the scent as soon as I saw this in the sale section I knew I had to have it. This one I believe is from the Christmas releases and is now out of stock however it was on sale for £5.00 with 40% off I paid just £3.00. When I thought I wasn't getting this in my order I was gutted to say the least but it did turn up, yay. And for a decent size of 200ml it's safe to say I definitely scored a bargain.

Sweet Lemon Soap
I love zesty lemon scents so I had to have this I paid £1.20 with 40% off and really can't wait to use it. Of course this is now my 5th maybe 6th unopened soap so I've a lot to get through before I use this. Unless this is my mini break soap I take with it might just be.
All in all I'm extremely pleased with my collective haul from Organic Surge & The Body Shop I only paid £10.20 for my Body Shop order so with this haul together I paid just £13.20 with free delivery on both orders. The body shop still as it's sale on, I'm not sure about organic surge.

Have you recently bought anything at bargain prices in the sales?

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  1. I wishn I'd got the daily moisturizer in my order. I have their intense moisturizer in beauteco box and it's fab for my super dry patches

    You got some super bargains! Xx

    1. It was such a bargain price too especially considering it's usually £8.99 at full price.

      I'm really happy with what I managed to get my hands on for the price the bottle sizes are really good. I think I chose some great stuff for my holiday essentials.

      No more spending Laura I swear!!! (Until next time) ha xx

  2. Great bargain prices! Let me know how the hair butter goes. Did you get glamour magazine this month? xoxo.

    1. I know! I'm really happy with my purchase' but I mean it no more spending now! The magazine with the free Model Co products or Augusts version? There always a month in advance aren't they. I have a subscription I got last months which is July but not this months which is august xx

    2. Yeah the free model Co products, I bought the one with the free lip liner in it, xoxo.

    3. Sounds good I got an eyeliner but didn't get to choose due to being subscribed I then went and got one in my beauty box so I gave one away in my giveaway. Xx

  3. Thanks I will come by in a while :) x


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