Friday 19 July 2013

My Big Night In

When I found out about the Money Supermarket big night in, I knew I had to take part and it couldn't of come at a better time because I already had a big night in with my sister planned for that weekend. It didn't go quite to plan though due to Money Supermarkets big night in being overwhelmed with people wanting to take part I unfortunately didn't get chose. I say unfortunately due to the fact I would of saved a wad of cash but not one to be left disappointed my big night in was planned and it went ahead anyways and I thought had do a post too. I however didn't spend £50.00 I spent just short of £40.00 and look at all the goodies I got. I'm more of a stay in with a dvd rather then a going out on the town kinda girl or I like going for a meal. So my boyfriend and son was away for the weekend and me and sister rather indulged on the E numbers and sugar.

Pizza Hawaiian (Large Asda £3.50)
Beautiful Creatures (£11.00)
Warm Bodies (£10.00)
Sweets (£5.00)
Pringles (£1.00)
Drinks (£8.00)
Total around £38.50

With blogging a HUGE thing we buy is beauty products, nail polish, face masks etc. You can have a fantastic night in with a great pamper using products you already have rather then a day at a spa. A hot bubbly bath, a face mask and a glass or two of wine. Mani's/Pedi etc etc. Usually stuff you already have that you will find somewhere in your home.

Dvd's - Look on amazon you don't have to purchase new ones get some golden oldies for a few pound and the great news is you can watch them over and over again. I already own hundreds of Dvd's so I have a fab collection to choose from which is why my dvd's of choice were brand new. I'm an addict and have several I want to purchase that aren't even out yet. But wait a few months and they will be cheaper too at least by half. 

Sweets - Everyone likes to have some sugar rush on a night in these munchies last us four days except the tub of sweets I finished them just the other day over two weeks since our big night in. Therefore me and my sister had a HUGE long weekend in.You don't have to spend a fortune just go to your local B&N homestore so cheap.

A big night in doesn't have involve drink but I thought a treat wouldn't go a miss. I didn't get anything that would result in me being drunk because I have responsibilities. This ended up being two nights worth.

We had a great night and so can you. If you search on amazon for some old school stuff you can get up to 4-6 dvd's for the price I paid for two just make sure you get them with free postage. When I say golden oldies I don't mean literally I'm on about she's the man, John tucker must die and more. Have a night in and see how much you can save rather then a night out. You could get board games which you can use time and time again, cd's to make it a real party.


  1. Your drinks made me laugh, that's exactly my choice of alcohol if I chose to drink, as I hardly drink. Its nice that you spent the weekend with your sis, xoxo.

    1. That's because we are parents which result in us being light weights so we have to be responsible :P I've never been legless but I've woke up with a hangover from mixing to many drinks. I'm actually not that bad I can drink a fair bit without getting drunk which is unusual when I never drink. However Last year I really went for it on hol and downed the vodka and cokes and cocktails. My mum and step dad just couldn't believe it. I was drinking like a man haha. Xx when I'm home I am sensible due to having the kids and stock to the light atuff.

    2. Haha, I did have a bad moment mixing wine with vodka when I was 18 years old, no mixing drinks! Enjoy your weekend, don't know what I'm gonna do, just might stay indoors and I'm having a fan delivered tomorrow. Plus I have so many things planned for my son after he finishes nursery, I might as well have a mini break lol, xoxo.

    3. I mainly have alcopops when I'm out and a few shots. I will I think I'm going to have a lazy day tomorrow too, going my mums for tea Sunday as I usually do it's been a few weeks because we've been going out for picnics with the weather being nice we went to bolton abbey again and it was lovely. I love that place but I got burnt on my shoulder.

      Mine finishes on Tuesday for good then he's off to school in september, arggghhh! He must stop growing so fast, he went to the toilet by himself today (tried) but I was so proud of him he didn't even tell me he needed it he just went by himself.

      I'm counting down the days to my boyfriends birthday even though my sons is first. I'm too excited how sad ha! He doesn't know what he's getting and I can't wait to see his little face xx

    4. Aww so sweet, my son has a nursery graduation ceremony on Tuesday, I can't wait to take many pictures. My son starts reception sept, I'm gonna be crying when I get home lol. Enjoy your mums tea tomorrow hehe, xoxo.

    5. Yeah mine had the graduation photo last month he wouldn't wear the cape or the hat lol but we got the best photo ever. Yes he starts reception too will be one of the youngest just turning 4. He's had his trial half day and he always asks to go back to school xx

    6. Oh we're having three days of 1 hour sessions with parents and a teacher meeting with parents before he starts. My son will be four on the 25th august so just like your son, he'll be one of the youngest lol but he'll be the tallest lol because hes really tall for his age, xoxo.

    7. Well we did something very similar ours were a group parents meeting over a 100 applied to go but only 40 got in so we were really lucky so fingers crossed his sister gets in when her time comes. (she'll be one of the older ones) yeah hes 4 two weeks tuesday coming and when he went for his half day he was the tallest too lol. We had a meeting with the nursery at the school because he's behind then a normal meeting one on one. They didn't know about his needs neither did we until we went to the meeting because nobody told us so the people who need extra help all the fundings been spent on them but bo maison so we need to apply to the board to get the additional funding for the extra help he'll need. Hoping he doesn't get rejected. Help from the place he went to omly been happening since january hes been only an handful of times and already they've discharged him because hes starting school. Xx

    8. Aww he'll be fine hun, just apply like your gonna and they should help, xoxo.

  2. You did soo well with the money you spent! Warm Bodies was a maybe on our list, too, but I think we'll get it when it's gone down in price a bit xx

    1. I don't think I did bad either. Oh you so should its so funny. I'm going to do a review soon totally forgot about it xx


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