Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Touch Of Magic Lip Paint | Barry M

When I saw this popping up on almost everyone's blog around the blogging community I knew I wanted it straight away. I've never heard of anything such as a magical lipstick which was completely misleading to the eye, green yet turns a beautiful shade of pink on the lips. It was quite the novelty and one I was willing to part with my cash for. I was however pleased to see I had enough Boot's points available to purchase this as a treat. This lipstick is totally unique to every individual going a shade of different pinks depending on your skin tone. It's well worth the £4.49 and is waterproof on the lips making it really hard to come off it's almost like a lip stain and is really moisturising too. On me it's not too bright so it can be worn for both day and night.

My fringe has had a trim since this photo. Also I'm so done with spending bans, I can never follow them. However I don't actually spend a lot of money when I do so they seems no point to these spending bans. But I will be cutting back now I have almost a store full of bath products and nail polish.
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