Saturday, 13 July 2013

Blog Giveaway Win

Hi everyone it's weekend yay. Despite the long week it's been lovely so we can't complain right and today is suppose to reach high's of 32 degree's. It's going to be a hot one, so if you can make the most of it. I haven't much planned for today except a clean up and some chilling out and I'd thought I'd type some posts up ready to publish in the future, my daughter was ill the other day when I settled down to do it so it ended up going out the window. Tomorrow I'm take a journey up to Bolton Abbey again, I can't think of anywhere more perfect (nearby) to go in this lovely weather. We will be joined by other members of the family and will be having a delicious BBQ/Picnic up by the river. Along with my new nieces who are thriving after coming premature.

Anyways my whole reason for being here is because last week I won my first blog giveaway and what a treat I was in store for because the prizes were amazing. Tamsyn from peachpowxo (please check her blog out) put together a fantastic selection of goodies that would get the winner summer ready. This giveaway was for all good purposes because Tamsyn like myself was doing a walk for charity walk for wales. This originally was a raffle, but I sponsored her way before she set the raffle up and she very kindly allowed me to enter little did I expect to win. The rules did change so anyone can enter and then could sponsor as they wish, I didn't have to think twice to sponsor Tamsyn because now I've done something meaningful for a charity I know just how hard it is to get sponsors and how much work and dedication is put into getting sponsors from people who work tiredly everyday to get sponsors from members of the public whether it's for people or animals many charities, even companies like zoo's really rely on the public's support to donate know matter how small.

What I won

  • Models Own nail polishes in Indian Ocean, Coral Reef and Mermaid Tears. I'm such a huge fan of Models Own nail polishes and I was happy to see these three in the giveaway. I already own Indian Ocean and it's my favourite from the Beetlejuice collection, already I've gone through at least half of the one I own so I'm glad to have this as a back up. Indian Ocean is a sheer shade and for full coverage it takes quite a lot of layers but it looks great as a top coat over the top of a less sheer shade and really gives a beautiful multi-toned shade which isn't to heavy. The other two I don't own so I was happy to get some new shades, Coral Reef is a beautiful Coral shade (Duh!) and will look great for summer, Mermaid Tears is a newbie and I can't wait to layer this over a great shade.
  • All my goodies came nice and snug in this pastel striped beauty bag. I was talking to my sister yesterday about how much I need a bigger beauty bag that will store bits and bobs in for my break away. I already have a travel wash bag but it's not got a lot of width to it so it won't fit everything in so this is perfect to bring along with me on my travels.
  • Vaseline (HUGE fan I own way to many tubs of these, I got eight one Christmas), Palmers cocoa butter formula (I have a dry patch on back of my leg right at the bottom just above my foot, I haven't a clue what it is, it's only in the last year it's appeared it can be ever so itchy at times so this will be great to relieve it from itchiness and dryness. It actually disappeared then appeared again three weeks ago), Sanctuary Spa time reversal face mask (I don't have a huge collection of masks because I usually get irritated by them, there's only a selected few I can use which I've mentioned before I've not tried this exact one but I've tried a sanctuary spa one before and I didn't get any irritation), Boots Smooth Care Exfoliating Mitt (I've never tried these before so I'm looking forward to giving them ago). 
  • Powder Puff Fluffy Stuff Candle (I've never been one for candles, I like them I just never purchase any so this one may just convince me too in the future. Everytime I go Tesco's I'm tempted to buy some of the Jelly Bean candles so I may just go ahead and do that one day. This smells gorgeous and I'm really looking forward to having a soak in the bath with this lit. TopShop cross studs (I've never owned anything like these before, I'm a real hoops girl. I do really like these so I'm looking forward to accessorizing these with an outfit in the near future), Body Shop cocoa butter body scrub (I don't think I need anymore bath stuff I have so much but this a added bonus and will do a treat, I'm really loving scrubs at the minute), Finally some Primark long, volume eyelashes. 
  Tamsyn really spoilt the winner (me) with the selection and there are great choices. Really looking forward to having a play around with everything and a huge pamper. The note was a really cute touch thanks again Tamsyn ♥
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