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Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit With BzzAgent*

Today i got in the post this Veet EasyWax electrical roll-on kit to review. I was given this by BzzAgent to experience this product. Inside the bigger box was 1 easy fit wax cartridge, 12 wax strips and four finishing wipes plus the main wax electrical roll-on and mains adapter that warms the wax and a holder for whilst it's warming up plus a lid after use - The bigger box is for large sections of the body (legs) The smaller box as a wax kit in for bikini line and armpits plus some more wax strips and finishing wipes. The packaging was really well sealed with quite a girly feel to it. All the bits inside including the main is very sturdy and well made.

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 Update Wrote 20.05.13 - I'm going to do a update #2 on Thursday with my leg hair waxing with the leg hair not being as long as seen below to see how it compares. Watch out for that.
This is how the product looks whilst on charge.
 Ideally it's nice to have more then one opinion especially on a product like this. So i had my sister round tonight - after all two thought's is better then just the one. This resulted in us having a lazy pamper session with dvd's all day - we didn't start waxing until 9pm lol.
This is my leg before. I purposely let it grow after joining the campaign so i was ready to go once it arrived. My legs were extra hairy - i don't usually let them get this hairy.
And this is the after results. You will see they are less hairy then before but not completely hairless.
I would zoom in to see better but you can ever so slightly see the hair that came off whilst waxing my leg.
My sisters leg.
Before - my sister didn't have as much hair as me but enough to make a difference.
After - my sister was left with a slight blotchy rash but this maybe down to the pain and tearing the strip away.

Our thoughts -

  • We both found heating up the wax was fairly time consuming. The instructions clearly wrote heating time is between 20-40 minutes but after checking we didn't find the wax to be melted enough to come out and roll on the leg so we ended up having it on for an hour in total and it was fine. This could also be down to first time use, it could be fine after a few goes. 
  • Waxing was quite painful, very painful actually. I would rather give birth or have a tattoo.
  • The wax was very sticky so have a veet perfect finish wipe on stand by. These wipes are amazing on the removal of wax.
  • We found ourselves going over the area several times to remove hairs. Despite it feeling smooth in places, stray/groups of hairs were still visible in places too and slightly harder to remove due to the stickiness.
  • My sisters hair actually removed better then mine her's were a lot shorter more of a stubble where as mine were quite long and a little harder to remove. However i did remove a lot of hair but it was patchy in places which was a shame. I can't believe how hairy my legs were.
All in all i like the idea of this and will use it again but probably with my hair not being as long on the leg. Due to the time that's needed it's not a reach for product but something had use rather as a pamper day maybe if i'm off out for the night. The fact that it was patchy in some areas with stray hairs and didn't remove instantly especially with the pain it was a little disappointing. In places where it's smooth, i absolutely loved because it's just that silky soft smooth skin, that any girl loves. And we found it works better on shorter leg hair then longer hair, if the hair is long and starting to slightly curl this will result is stickiness and hair getting stuck to the leg. So when your hair is just growing back from shaving, etc and it's more of a stubble then soft and long it's time to get the wax out. I think this could really work, i let my leg hair grow for longer then i should have.

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