Friday, 17 May 2013

Birchbox UK May 2013

This months box is all about being red carpet ready. And the Birchbox team have definitely delivered when it comes to being prepared with products to make you red carpet ready not fully but almost half way there - i would need way more products but this would help me along the way if i was fortunate enough to ever walk down the red carpet of course. Dreaming Zzzz!! 

1. A beauty extra: Doctor Duve | Anti-aging & firming eye cream.

BirchBox say; A skincare heavyweight to tackle all your skin concerns around the eyes. This will boost skin moisture levels, reduce puffiness and activate collagen production. Full-size, £115.00. What i say; It's made of gold right? Just kidding, i've actually received this before in a She Said Beauty box and they got thrown to the back of the cupboard, now have got some more maybe their trying to tell me something i am getting old and need to start using these creams lol. I think i will dig them out and give them a try before i end up with a pile. I'm not too bothered about these, doesn't excite me but it's great to get the chance to try a expensive brand of eye cream. Will i purchase a big size only if i end up winning the lottery.

2. Makebelieve | Sunbeam bronzer & brush. 

Birchbox say; This matte bronzer is perfect for enhancing the natural contours of your face. Lightly dust onto the hollows of your cheeks and temples to highlight those cheekbones. Full-size, £15.00. What i say; This is full-size therefore worth more then my box (£10.00) and the delivery (£2.95) on it's own which is fantastic. I love bronzers to add a little colour to my cheeks, i don't own many neither have i used a lot of different brands of them so it's great to be introduced to something new. I already own the makebelieve highlighter again from a she said beauty box and i love the look of it when i swatched it but i'm yet to use it to see what it's like as a highlighter. I'm glad i got this, but i have to say it's a little on the bulky side great for using to apply at home, not so great to take away if you have minimal storage space and it definitely won't fit in your make up bag. However it comes with a mirror built inside and a brush that feels really soft. I was expecting the highlighter or lipgloss according to my survey so to get this instead made me extra happy.

3. B/Attitude | Body Souffie

Birchbox say; Know for their London restaurant Buddha-Bar- and with a spa in Paris-N/Attitude's divinely-scented skincare treat nourishes and absorbs easily. Ready your limbs for your red carpet moment. Full-size, £24.00. What i say; Buddha-bar is a trendy celeb hotspot in London so i was happy to receive this from the company to be quite frank they must be doing something right. £24.00 is for 200ml however i received 50ml which makes my sample worth £6.00 - never the less 50ml is a fantastic luxury sample and i will get some use out of this. The scent is so lovely and quite unique therefore i won't be able to tell you the exact scent. Really looking forward to using this.

4. OPI | Nail Lacquer

Birchbox say; For a red carpet worthy mani, just paint on this gorgeous colour from the ironic nail brand between a base and top coat. Easy! Full-size, £11.50. What i say; I think it's quite clear to see how much birchbox as spoilt us this month, so i wasn't surprised to see this OPI as a mini. I got the shade San Tan-tonio which is a nude fudge shade it's not the prettiest of the shades available but i'm happy enough to make it work as a base for my much loved ombre that i like to do plus the diddy little bottle helps me work past the colour. 3.75ml. Of course i'm happy to see this in after my much expressed love of OPI from this mornings post.

5. Lifestyle extra: Kusmi Tea | Detox tea

Birchbox say; This healthy tea rids your body of pent-up toxins, boosts your energy and lowers your stress levels. Perfect for pre-event nerves! Full-size, £13.85. What i say; This again is another lovely extra, i am a lover of tea Tetley not so much into the all green tea etc but i'm willing to give anything a try. This of course is the tea without the bag so i will have to purchase a item to make the tea because i don't own whatever it is i need to own to make this into a brew.

6. Elemental Herbology | Cell plumping Facial Moisturiser SPF8

Birchbox say; This concoction of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and ultra-hydrating botanicals boost and plump the skin's appeance and texture. Full-size, £42.00. What i say; Apparently it's £42.00 for 50ml i got 15ml which is a really decent sized sample. Everyone as been saying they have heard nothing but good things about the brand so i'm really looking forward to giving this a go. I love a good facial moisturiser.

This month Birchbox are supporting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer which is a really worthy cause. Breast Cancer kills 50,000 woman a year in the UK with many more being diagnosed. Fashion Targets Breast Cancer was set up in 1994 by designer Ralph Lauren after losing a close friend to the disease. Since then many brands throughout the UK have taken part in this charity and have raised £12.5 million and helped breakthrough fund 25% of breast cancer research in the UK. Birchbox are one of the brands that have got involved which i think is absolutely fantastic all through May all sales made in there e-shop here 30% will go to the charity and that's not all for every referral they will donate an extra £5.00 - there's still time to get this fantastic box so i urge you to sign up and really make a difference here >
And free shipping throughout may with the code MAYBONUS


I am also raising money for charity by holding a raffle to win a fantastic £50 worth of cosmetics - pendleside hospice tab on the right to find out more. Please if you like my blog vote me for the next newcomer in the cosmopolitan awards - again at the right. If you love my blog feel free to add it on Google+, GFC, Bloglovin' and i also have she said beauty - Tabs are here there and everywhere on my blog.
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