Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ombre Hair

I don't know about you girls. But to me ombre as been around for quite a while now, fashion, hair, nails. You do see the odd pop of ombre on fashion but not very often but it's not gone that out of fashion beauty wise. Nails and more so hair - and i love it. One celebrity that really catches my eye when it comes to ombre hair is Khloe Kardashian.

 Isn't she gorgeous. Definitely my favourite Kardashian. 

Yesterday i took the plunge and dyed my hair ombre with Khloe being my hairspiration. Using L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombres No 2 Brush-On Dip Dye for Dark Blonde to Medium Brown. 

 Now your probably wondering why i didn't use No1 which is a light brown to dark brown hair. Well after lots of research on my phone of all things, i decided the No1 just wasn't for me despite having dark hair, i thought the dark brown to light brown was a little boring and not that all noticeable really - it doesn't look light brown on the model on the box check them out on boots here - after some research it's definitely light brown a little misleading. On Khloe' hair you can see that the ombre effect is definitely a darker shade of blonde, almost a copper brassy sort of shade. When i did mine i was thinking it would turn out more like what the woman's hair looks like on the box - but it didn't, it never does. I haven't seen one persons hair that looks the shade it looks on the box. I'm unsure whether it's down to the lighting or what - but never mind. The shade of mine is like Khloe' not that i'm complaining but it's take a little getting use too and i'm more then positive that when my younger sister see's me she will say it's ginger - she's immature like that plus is always quick to judge a shade and think it's ginger when it's definitely not (i'm the hairdresser, haha) Red hair is very now - so i'm not complaining. I think if you want to go for a more white blonde then go for No3 - i would love to try No3. Anyways i put my hair in sections and did some bits a little bigger then others in length, i didn't want to be left with a dodgy line. I also missed bits to really get that effect and having it blend in really nicely. I left this on for about 35 minutes, and the other first pieces of hair i started first a little longer. All in all i am impressed it cost me £6.70 in asda - surprisingly it's cheaper in boots by 70p which is a shock horror. Asda is always cheaper lol. Now i need to try and style it like Khloe' but i don't have a wand. Obviously i'm not going to wash it right now to style it lol. Gotta get thinking :)

I just want to add some people are complaining and saying it goes orange, i think they are getting the shade a little mixed up. It does go a dark blonde, brassy copper shade - not orange and my hair is really dark brown. The lighter your hair the blonder it will go. This for me was a huge plunge because not only have i never had any blonde in my hair - i usually wouldn't even go there. I haven't dyed my hair since i was about 11 or 12 which was red - which is crazily in fashion now. Take the plunge you can always change it if you don't like it. 2 for £11 at Boots right now.

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