Friday 24 May 2013

Beautiful Creatures Inspired Make-up (Dedicated too Inez) & Two Reviews

Firstly had like to give my apologies for my mush being on your screen. I do not take photo's of myself because I'm not a very photogenic person. I take photo's i am NEVER in them. But for months now the wonderful Inez has wanted me too do a make-up look (something else I'm not very good at) and she asked again so i decided to do one for her. During this conversation we actually was speaking about Beautiful Creatures so i thought that would be the look i would aim for. So of course i used mainly Barry M, (due to winning the Beautiful Creatures competition with them and the make up being very much inspired in shades by Beautiful Creatures) some Rimmel and a little Benefit & MUA.

Make up that was used is:

  • Rimmel - Wake me up foundation in ivory.
  • Rimmel - Matte powder in peach glow.
  • Barry M - Natural dazzle bronzer.
  • Barry M - Eyeshadow in shades E2 (black with shimmer) E4 (purple) and E6 (green). (sorry the photo of my eye's not great - bad lighting)
  • No7 - Stay perfect eyeshadow in innocence for a base.
  • Mascara's - Benefit they're real & Rimmel london lash accelerator endless mascara (yes two lol)
  • Lipgloss - Make up academy doin good lip boom & Barry M Lip gloss wand in toffee.
I used two different shades of lip products because in majority of the film Lena's look is simple and neutral but in parts of it when the films dark and gloomy there's stages of a dark look which is where the doin good lipstick comes in.

Benefit ther're real mascara

I got this free in this month's Elle magazine, I was really excited because have never tried Benefit before and have heard so much about them has a brand all positives. I really like the mascara it lengthened my lashes beautifully ideally i would of preferred more volume wise because i felt they stuck together a little in places. The only negative for me is the wand, the brush is so large considering the size of the pot it being only a mini and i don't dare get it anywhere near my bottom lashes which is why Rimmel mascara came in. This costs £9.00 at most stores that sell Benefit but i go it free.

Barry M lip gloss wand in toffee

I really like this it doesn't bring a whole lot of colour to the lips, it's very neutral and glides on really smoothly making it perfect for everyday use. It's not sticky and has quite a glossy feel to it. And the scent is so amazing. The wand is just your average wand.


  1. Hello Kate. The eyelashes loooks amazing, they are super long and are full of volume.
    I really like your blog, so if you have a minute check, follow my blog if you like. It would mean a lot to me. Have a great day,
    xoxo Nika

    1. Yeah they do have volume it's just the slight gaps that i don't like. Maybe it's just me having a bad eyelash day lol. Yes i will pop by now. xx

  2. Woo hoo!!! You look so pretty and elegant hun! Thanks for doing this post and mentioning me lol. I agree with the benefit mascara, I like it but wish it had more volume too, xoxo.

    1. Thanks i have to say i didn't feel it. I think it's normal for people not to think that of themselves lol. Sorry about my little breakout of spots you can't see them much except the one. I couldn't not mention you in this lol. And about the writing i will continue i feel i have a good imagination and i'm constantly thinking about what i want to write next it's just putting it into writing. And i believe the campaign for the shampoo on bzzagent is actually only being put out to people who have had photos taken for their hair. If you look online there's a load of people who have taken photos of hair. xx

    2. Hey hun, I'm glad your not giving up and actually the people that took the photos of their hair have done it after their campaign invitation. That's the same thing that happened when I tested the John Frieda shampoo and conditioner for bzz agent. You get points for posting before and after pictures, there's still time. Half term now I'm so happy, gonna visit my gran for a few days next week and there's a local funfair taking place too, xoxo.

    3. Sounds fun we haven't snything planned rubbish weather and boyfriends at work all week lol. Son off though. My sister in laws been back in hospital all week there on about inducing her this morning or saturday. Shes got a slight infection and high heart rate. Babies are fine but will have to stay in hospital until their a suitable weight with not being due until beginning of july. Can't get hold of anyone so don't have a clue whats going on xx hope get it then :)

    4. Sorry to hear about your sis in law, :(. It looks like the weather will be getting warmer for the weekend. I read that the campaign is through, I didn't get an invite, xoxo.

    5. Shes feeling quite ill. Reckon she will be induced tomorrow theres a lack of cots and short staffed. Oh that sounds good. Me too :( xx

  3. Wow your Lashes look amazing!!!! xx

    Gemma | ♥


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