Thursday 23 May 2013

Urban Decay Palettes

So i got these palettes for my birthday back in march, how super fast did that go. This is the Urban Decay Roller Girl palette. The palette contains four beautifully pigmented eyeshadows three neutral shades verve, suspect and darkhorse. These shades are perfect for creating that smokey eyed more neutral look or a more toned down one depending on what you fancy. Verve and suspect are quite metallic looking with darkhorse being less so. I think woodstock is a great addition to the roller girl palette it's a beautiful pink which is a fun pop of colour and something i wouldn't wear alone but for that pop of colour to create a fun eye look it's perfect. Whiskey is a miniature eyeliner it's very pigmented i personally wouldn't wear it on my lash line but i probably will on my eye lids near the lashes. Crush is a additional bonus to this palette a lovely lipgloss. I didn't find it to be sticky and it really adds that lovely pop of colour to a everyday look and will look great with a more toned down, neutral look with a pop of colour on the lips. This is £14.95 at cheap smells. This is not to big either making it the perfect addition to pop in your travel bag on holiday. I don't know about you but me personally likes to have a really toned down neutral shades whilst on holiday with just a pop of colour on the lips. Keeping it quite simple. The fact it comes with a built in mirror makes it perfect. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous.

Woodstock is a dark fuchsia pink with a soft frost finish. Very pigmented, super smooth. This is permanently available.

Verve is a pale, muted taupe brown–like a lighter Mushroom. This is an exclusive shade to this palette.

Suspect is a muted champagne bronze with a frost finish. This shade was in the Book of Shadows, Vol. III.

Darkhorse is a dark, sultry bronze shimmered brown. This shade was in the Naked and Feminine palettes.

I also got this for my birthday for just £19.45 from cheap smells also. Not going to lie when i purchased both these palettes on behalf of my mum they were a little cheaper i think at the time. This fun and as a quite a disco feel to it. With the shiny silver mesh in the middle - very disco ball. It comes in a suede type compact with another built in mirror. Inside are two basic applicators, i haven't used these because i have my own brushes like all girls. It comes with a rainbow of colours including neutral shades and pop colours. This palette is perfect for them who are very adventurous and love colour. The amount of looks you would be able to create with this is fabulous. Have not played around with this one to much. The photos didn't do much justice at the time, but they are more vibrant and bold when applied. This also came with a small travel size Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I haven't even opened this because eyeshadow primers for me i'm a little unsure of, have tried one and i wasn't overly keen but i think i will give it ago again sometime. 

Fishnet (light purple)
Honey (gold)
Ransom (dark purple)
Graffiti (green)
Zero (black)
Peace (turquoise)
Shag (bronze)
Scratch (champagne)
Underground (fawn) 


  1. You have loads of shades now to create a weekly make up look ;), xoxo.

    1. I did one today but i took about 50 photos on a quest to get the perfect shot. I'm not very good with photo's i take them i'm not in them lol. I have about ten palettes some barely touched. About the books have done a lot of reading but this time its taken me at least two months if not longer to read one have been so busy lately. Now i'm on a spending ban beauty wise i reckon nows time to take up more reading and write my book more.but i do have a lot to write about besuty wise but it takes up a long time i really enjoy doing it its such a good hobby but i want to write a book and hopefully one day it gets published. Now my spending bans on i can spend more time on that. Obviously round the kids ll xx

    2. Haha, photographers do the same. That's really good, writing your own book, good luck, xoxo.

    3. Yes they do. Thanks i enjoy doing it so i thought why not, probably won't go anywhere with my bad grammer but its loads of fun in the mean time xx

    4. Don't say that hun! Have faith, its all about networking anyway, you just need to find a publisher, xoxo.

    5. Lol i do. There's a lot if people that can help check everything anyways. My step dad said he will me with all that but thats way in the future got to write the thing yet well finish it. You can download it to amazon without a publisher. Xx

    6. Carry on writing, it'll be great to make a career out of something you love to do, xoxo.

  2. Both pallets look so gorgeous <3 I am a sucker for everything UD *hahaha* Will definitely have a look out for those two :)

    Thanks for the review ^^

    1. Your more then welcome they are really pretty :) xx


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