Sunday, 12 May 2013

Urban Decay Miss T & Xanadu Nail Polish Review

I got this for my Birthday after seeing it for a bargain of just £11.90 at Cheap Smells. This set of six 70's inspired polishes was originally released for summer 2011, i am not one to follow trends but rather dress or paint my nails depending on how i want too. Each polish is in a mini bottle with 5ml worth which isn't alot really i can't imagine me using this at all often because i like a few of the polishes and don't want to use them up to quickly especially xanadu. I am not going to be talking about all six because they will be more to come as i use them. Today it's all about Miss T and Xanadu. Miss T is pink with some slight purple undertones, it is however quite sheer and needs at least 3 coats to get a goodish coverage. Xanadu is a deep purple with mixed glitters throughout it's got quite a matte feel to it where as Miss T as a shine. I had high hopes for these with Urban Decay being a high end brand but i can't help but feel slightly disappointed at lasting power. I did these during the day and had a shower that night and they did have minor chips which was disappointing, despite having a top coat also. I didn't have time to repaint so i made the decision to cover the tips with a sequin polish from Models Own which as kept them slightly in tact only ever so slightly though cause i can see where the polish underneath as chipped. They are however beautiful shades and Xanadu is the better one out of the two because it's harder to chip due to it being a glitter however it did come off ever so slightly but it's livable.

I really love the packaging its super cute and girly. With a burst of golds and trendy neon shades.

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