Friday 31 May 2013

Birchbox Haul

Good morning people - I was up early this morning has usual and I'm surprisingly feeling really jolly. The sun's out, the skies are blue and I feel today's going to be a good one. I took a few snaps for you of my town.
How absolutely stunning does this town look today. The photo doesn't do much justice with the sky but it really is sunny with bright baby blue skies lol. Can you believe this is my kitchen/yard view. Looks great from a far. Stunning landscapes.
The reason we are here;
Recently I managed to collect 200 points via Birchbox for every 100 you get £10.00 so i had £20.00 to spend in their e-shop. Yes I'm on a spending ban, but these were technically free so they don't count. I actually bought stuff what was necessary and not just for the fun of it, they were OPI online and that was almost tempting, but i resisted yay.

Today's the last day to sign up and Birchbox will donate £5.00 to charity for every referal.

I got a free sample of the Molton Brown valbonne - not sure whether this was the last sample I got in my birchbox or not because I can't remember the name neither have I had a smell yet. But I wasn't keen, this is actually for both female and male but I found it to be too Masculine for my tastes.

I recently bought Boot's home brand cleanser & toner and have got through it so quickly, there's only about a quarter of the bottle left. With that in mind and a spending ban I purchased the Natio Gentle Skin Toner. I'm really becoming a fan of Natio if you read my blog you will have seen my recent collective haul with another Natio product mention which was also in my april birchbox favourites. This Gentle skin toner has notes of rosewater and chamomile. Pettigrain orange, palmarose and is alcohol-free. On the bottle it claims it's plant-based, refreshes and softens the skin whilst removing any last traces of surface impurities. The blend of essential oils help purify and tighten pores. Also improving skin's 'breathing' process and balancing the skin's natural moisture level. This was a decent 250ml and costs £6.80 in the e-shop. I'm really look forward to using this, so expect a review coming in the upcoming future along with the boot's home brand one.   Next up is Weleda skin food. You will have seen this in my april birchbox favourites. I really love this product, not just because Victoria Beckham uses it even though i kinda like the fact I'm able to use something that she swears by that's inexpensive, so that kind of helps. But the scent is so beautiful and the cream makes me skin feel really moisturised and sink's into my skin really nicely. I got a really decent sized sample in my birchbox that I'm still to use up, a little really goes a long way. Knowing I love this product, it's very important i spent my birchbox points wisely so got a back up. This is a travel size at 30ml but i know for sure it will keep me going for quite sometime and costs less then £6.00. This is actually for rough and dry skin, and even though i don't really have rough or dry skin (only getting dry skin occasionally on my face) i feel it has other benefits. Skin food claim - this a whole body cream for everyday care of dry and rough skin at any age and makes your skin soft and smooth. Apply several times a day with a gentle massage. I actually use this on my facial area, it doesn't create any stinging or burning sensations and it really leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and generally great. I'm hoping it will help my break-out sort of stop or go away. I haven't been using it every day but every other. At time of writing skin food isn't available to buy in the e-shop.  Lastly is something i hear about a lot. Korres lip butter - I got mine in rose. Now your probably thinking this isn't an essential and why did she purchase it when she's just bought a lip butter from the body shop. Well I had £20.00 in points to spend, it had to be in the £20.00 budget and I couldn't think of anything else to purchase. And i heard raves about Korres lip butters and had been planning on getting a pot in pomegranate which quickly went out of the e-shop. This was the next best shade and a stick which was more convenient in a way. This cost £7.00. I actually heard we are to have a hot-ish summer so with that in mind I wanted to buy something that was minimal on the lips, kept them hydrated and the fact this has SPF 15 in is just perfect. I have tried this and already I want other shades it just feels so lovely on the lips and really glides on. This as such a lovely subtle hint of rose tint to it and is buildable. I'm kind of hoping they get more shades in whether in pots or sticks so i can spend more points on these un-guilty pleasures. At time of writing this korres lip but stick isn't available to buy in the e-shop.  

I have a post coming later today about the raffle - 1 week to enter. Pendleside hospice tab is on the right (please do) If you love my blog I would appreciate if you would nominate my blog for next newcomer at the comopolitan blog awards there's a tab to the right - only a few days left to nominate. Feel free to follow on GFC, Google+, Bloglovin' and Twitter. I'm on she said beauty too. Thank you so much x


  1. I love the Korres lip butters, I have the pots in rose and plum and they're soo nice, so easy to wear too.

    These are some nice picks and you got loadsnfor you money/points! Xx

    1. Their really good aren't they! I couldn't believe just how well the colour shows up I didn't expect them to be so well pigmented. I really think I did myself proud with what i bought, considering the stuff that was online. These well paid with points and postage was also free. Happy days :) xx

  2. Your town looks gorgeous! Nice haul, xoxo.

    1. It's a little rough in places. Only got a few decent areas. Nice from a far has can be seen in the photo up close you may wanna make a run for it lol. But it's home although I'm tempted to leave and move far far away all the time. Thanks not bad for free :P xx

    2. Haha, I think that's what most places are like nowadays unless your rich/wealthy lol, xoxo.

    3. I think it's the same even if your rich and wealthy there's always a bit of rough lol. Unless of course you live on a estate behind huge private gates - you can get them sometimes or it might just be an American thing. xx


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