Monday 20 May 2013

The Body Shop Haul

The other day The Body Shop had a 48 hour beauty flash event on where you were entitled to 40% off on all orders plus free delivery if you spent over £5.00 which is really amazing. This event was in store and online with codes/vouchers. It was suppose to end yesterday but the ad is still online so you will have to check to see if it's still on.

I got a small selection of goodies for a bargain of just £7.20.

Firstly apologies for the photo's my lens steamed up due to the running of a bath.

I firstly made a order because i wanted to try the body shops face masks, i decided to get sachets due to the fact my skin can be super sensitive with face masks and there's only a selected few that don't cause burning and irritation to my facial area. First off as a face mask i can't recommend Amie face masks enough if you can actually get hold of a bottle - have only been trying since march. You probably have heard or seen this around the land they call blogs or even received sachets in your beauty boxes if your a subscriber. This is my favourite face mask and have only had two of the sachets. It's fresh and cool on the skin and works a treat. (Have only tried three brands of face masks because i'm wary of purchasing anything new due to the fact my skin is sensitive with masks and i don't want to waste money. Anyways back to why i'm writing this post the body shop haul. I picked up two sachet face masks or at least i thought i did turns out ones a facial scrub. 

The face mask/scrub i got were Tea Tree face mask 6ml worth of product (may get two goes out of this) worth £ 1.50 in sale i got it for 90p.
The scrub is Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Sachet again 6ml worth £1.50 in sale i got it for 90p. I have used this once and i will get at least one more go out of this. It say's not to use on sensitive skin but i didn't get any irritation or burning sensation from this. I really felt the little beady scrubs working away whilst i rubbed it in circular movements round the face, i didn't see much difference but the facial area did feel a little softer and quite cleansed.

I also treated myself to a little gift set. Chocomania shower set i'm a total chocoholic (runs in the family) and decided this was perfect to try the range. I really want to get my hands on the heart shaped set of chocolate goodies which is about £15.00. The shower gel is very strong smelling in the bottle i'm hoping it wares off a little when used because the scents quite over powering. The heart shape soap is very buttery made with cocoa butter and honey it smells amazing. It also comes with a Bath lily and even that smells divine. This sets worth a mere £5.00 and will make a great stocking filler or extra birthday pressie i got it for just £3.00.

Lastly is sweet lemon lip butter worth £4 i got it for £2.40. You get 10ml worth of product. This is literally good enough to eat and smells like lemon meringue - delicious. It's not the most buttery lip butter have tried it's more of a slightly glossy lipbalm but i love it and it made my lips feel really soft. 

If you haven't already sign up to the body shop newsletter so you know when these events are on. The body shop are forever having fantastic offers. 

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  1. I really liked the look of the chocomania set but I also read elsewhere the shower gel is strong which put me off. I hope it wares off for you, enjoy your goodies, xoxo.

    1. Everything smells like chocolate except the shower gels its really strong but the smell doesn't linger on the skin. I do want the chocolate lip butter though. My face sent so far from body shop is vanilla its so heavenly wish had bought more cause i'm almost out but i have a lot of bath stuff that needs using up now.i wouldn't mind trying a lemon range. Body shop wishlist in the making lol xx

  2. Haha, its alright though because they always send out discount codes. I tried the veet, it was really warm for me after 25mins, I read online that everyone's different, maybe its the actual machine? It hurt much less than some of the other waxes I tried lol but it did work better on shorter hairs, xoxo.

    1. Yes a good job too. That's good :) i thought it might be down to first time use too. Some products are like that first few goes. I found it painful and had rather give birth but i seriously can't wait for thursday to come to try again lol. Be on my own this time though. I want to do my sisters armpits i don't dare haha. I may ask her round friday to do armpits ha xx

    2. I haven't tried armpits, I'm too scared lol, let me know how it goes, xoxo.

    3. My sister says she couldn't possibly wait until friday because she's not shaved her armpits for a week lol don't know how she went so long lol. It will go red probably something to do with blood cells and what not. I thought you'd have to shave. My legs are really smooth cause i quickly did it yesterday before going for a meal with my friend :) xx

    4. Oh, I hope you had a lovely time, xoxo.


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