Tuesday 28 May 2013

Veet Easywax #2 (shorter leg hairs & armpit)*

You can see my first review of the Veet easywax home kit here. I decided to do a part 2 review on this because my leg hair was longer last time, my hair was relatively longer then I would usually allow it this time but enough to wax and shorter then the first time. Remember I am a Bzzagent and got it free.

First up I'm going to do the review about the wax on a delicate area - the armpits. Which my sister kindly allowed me to do after growing them for a week. Safe to say she only allowed me to do the one i will explain after the photos. 


You can see in one go a lot of hair was removed.

But a lot of hair remained. Think she let herself get a little too hairy lol.
My sister's experience with the delicate armpit area wasn't great. She say's "It hurt more on the armpit area then it did the leg." It did remove a lot of hair and would probably have removed all of it after a few strips but it hurt my sister so much, she could only bare the pain from one strip. It also bled in that area after i removed the strip.

My leg - with shorter hair.


So second time round was a slightly more positive experience. I could officially say I've done this before and knew exactly what to expect. So it was more pain free. I won't go into the product to much, you can pop over to my first post to have a look at that info if you wish. So as planned i did the wax on shorter hair, not to short nor to long due to my sister having better experiences with shorter hair and i can now officially say this product is better on shorter hair for me personally but hey everyone's different. Even though after just the one strip it didn't remove the entire patch of hair, it did remove the majority.

Will you be buying?

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  1. I've read about this on other blogs too. For my legs it would be perfect so I might give it a try! :) xo

    1. You should especially for the great price. I think it's better for some then others but it could also be a struggle for first timers, i reckon after a few goes it will get easier whilst getting the hang. I'd love to see your review if you do purchase it :) xx

  2. Poor sis! Yep I agree its better on short hairs lol, xoxo.

    1. Safe to say, I don't think she will be buying it lol xx


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