Friday 14 December 2012

She Said Beauty - December 2012

Has most of you will know She Said Beauty will not be distributing anymore boxes. December will be there last box and if you were lucky enough to collect enough points you would get one complimentary box also. Unfortunately i wasn't but they gave me advice to join there recommended beauty box Jolie Box and also a promo code to get a trio of lovely make up goodies too. I jumped at the chance to try another box which won't be until January and see how it goes. I have to say i will miss She Said Beauty, i truly enjoyed getting my box from them every month and the contents of each and every box. I am not 100% sure another box could take there place, they had excellent customer service but i will give Jolie box a chance. I loved what i got this month in my she said beauty box - I haven't used any of them but two so bare with me any i use i will do an individual post in the future. Everytime i do a post on the she said beauty box i always write it in one but it never seems to all fit and messes up again. Any how on to the box. 
This is what was available and below is what i got.

 Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover - £4.99 for 75ml (Full size)
Have used this and i love it, has a nail polish lover i can't believe have never used it before. People are always raving about it but i just didn't realize it would be as good has it is. It as a lovely scent of red fruit and vanilla which is unusual for a nail polish remover. And it's so easy to use, all you do is dip your finger in, twist round and because it's sponged inside you don't even need any cotton wool. Which is great.
 Xmas Treats - Jing Whole Leaf Tea Bags £5.40 for 15 or £30 for 100. What expensive tea bags. Yet to try but i am a tea lover usually tetley but will see.
 Another xmas treat, the amie spring clean cooling clay mask, have had this in a previous box and i am so happy to see it again. Every mask have tried leaves my face with a burning sensation apart from this one. I actually loved how cool and soft it made my face feel. This is worth £1.50 for 15ml - full size is £4.95 for 75ml.

Orico - superico vitamin rich face oil - £28.00 for 30ml i got 10ml.

 Doctor Duve Antu Aging & firming eye cream - £115.00 for 30ml.
An expensive eye cream, one i would never purchase due to the amount and me only being 21 yet it's nice to try something high end.
 Anti-aging & clarifying face cream £129.00 for 50ml.
Again another expensive cream, happy to try this when it's such a high end cream.

Another polish, i love polish. This is full size at only £1.25 for 12ml such a bargain. I am very familiar with technic and own a few polishes from there brand, some better then others. This is a really high pigmented lovely polish you only need 1/2 layers depending on how thick you apply it. It's such a lovely purple with tones of brown throughout. Perfect for the festive season on wards.

Very happy with my contents.

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