Friday 14 December 2012

Nail Haul

Firstly had like to apologize for my lack of posts yesterday. If any of you so my x factor post i did mention i would do around three posts due to my lack of posts in the week but i ended up having to rush out to the hospital with my son, i can assure you everything is fine. So i will be doing quite a few posts now, and getting them out the way whilst i can.

Firstly is a couple of nail polishes that i have picked up a few weeks ago at bargain prices.

Sally Hansen - Base & Top Coat

I was using Models own 3 in 1 clear polish, i was impressed with this at first but has time went on i kept having problems with it which included rising bubbles on my nails. I researched the problem which i thought maybe me not letting the previous coat dry, despite me thinking other wise. The bubble problem just wouldn't stop, so i decided to try a new one. Whilst walking in B&N home stores i came across some new make up items plus these polishes near check out, they now sell Rimmel and Sally Hansen. Have never tried Sally Hansen before, but have heard people rave about it so when i so this for £1.99 yes you see correct £1.99 a total bargain i just knew i had to try it. And have had no bubbles since. This is by far the best base/top coat have ever used. It dries in second's, protects my mani and did last almost a week only 2 nails chipped ever so slightly in this time. I was going xfactor so wanted something different. And more importantly gave my nails a lovely shine. The mani above shows the sally Hansen polish on, it's clear but you can see just how shiny it is. The bottle is huge too, 13.3ml. I used my nail inc polishes i received free in Glamour magazine.

Revlon - Gold Get Em

I got this from fragrance direct for only 99p, have wanted a lovely shade of gold for a while now especially with Christmas coming up. I looked on google at some swatches first and it looked simply gorgeous. I knew i had to have it. Application is fantastic and each layer applies like a dream, the polish is very sheer and you need at least three for a okay-ish coverage but for a fantastic coverage you may need to go up to 4/5. This is 3 or 4 i think. But the results are lovely so it's all worth it. Again a big bottle 14.7ml.

Sally Hansen - Sea & Be Seen

This once again was in fragrance direct, it was only £1.49. Its a lovely blue with glitter particulars, it's such a gorgeous shade. Quite sheer and you need at least three coats. Be warned this needs to have dried completely throughout before applying the next coats. The results are simply stunning. This swatch is without top coat. This bottle is 14.7ml.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro - Violet Metal

I also got this one from fragrance direct for only 99p. The bottle is once again big at 13.3ml. This only needs two layer, and applies really well. It reminds me a lot of one of the polishes from models owns beetlejuice collection. It's a two toner with colours of purple and blue. It's truly a beautiful shade.

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