Thursday 13 December 2012

xFactor Final 2012 - Sunday

Firstly had like to apologize, have been such a bad blogger lately and not writing any decent posts. This is down to my internet it doesn't last very long at all, as there is a limit and i am almost out until the 26th of December (Midnight) I think i will manage 1/2 maybe 3 more posts which i plan on doing at the weekend but this one i write from my mums. Fortunately have signed up to a new contract with more internet for only £3 more, yay. That also doesn't come through until after Christmas. So to keep you all going i am going to write a couple of posts then some at the weekend then i am going to take a break from blogging to spend time with family especially with christmas coming up fast!! However i will still pop on using the phone, take interest in all your lovely blogs and post comments but just won't be creating any posts after this weekend/early next week.

xFactor 2012

About a month ago, i found out had won two tickets to the xFactor final 2012 (Sunday) in manchester, i was super excited and was looking forward to this once in a life time opportunity. Let's face it chance of it happening again is quite slim. I won this amazing competition on the superdrug website so i would like to thank them and also talk talk and the applause store. This also included a hotel for the night and breakfast which i didn't know about until i got an email. I didn't pay much attention when signing up and when i won, i was quickly planning my trip to london only to find it was half an hour away from my home town in Manchester lol. I of course didn't choose anyone to come, my boyfriend invited himself, but i was happy because it was nice to spend time just the two of us. We got to manchester early due to football match, christmas market and xfactor all happening in the same weekend. We got a parking spot amazingly fast which surprised me a lot. We walked everywhere and i had to rest for two days because i had pain in my legs and blisters on my feet :( my legs still hurt now lol. We picked tickets up at castlefield - rice street at dinner time, they said pick them up between 12-4pm else you wouldn't be allowed a ticket at all. We walked past the Hilton hotel, there were people everywhere outside and police plus a coach so i can only imagine the xfactor contestants, performances and judges were staying there, not the holiday inn like my sister and boyfriend suggested lol. Wishful thinking on there part. After picking the tickets up we spent the day shopping at the arndale, which i was thankful for because it's all indoor and outside was windy and cold. I actually didn't buy anything apart from a £2 make up bag from primark. We eventually headed back to the hotel to check in at 4pm and started getting ready and set off again at 5.30 to get the xfactor venue for 6-6.30pm. I had the most amazing night, i had fantastic seats right near the left hand side of the stage. If you watched on sunday i was actually right behind caroline flack when she interviewed the asda guy with the cheque for domestic abuse charity and the family members of the final acts. Everyone jumped in the way because they wanted to be on camera. On my block they were mark wright and arg from only way is essex, i am such a reality tv junkie and watch too much of it, big brother, keeping up with the kardashians etc so this was fab. They were two of little mix, some football players, caroline flack, olly murs, then obviously emeli sande, one direction and rihanna who all performed everyone of them was amazing. Then the final contestants minus Chris, Lucy and mk1 and finally the judges louis, gary, tulisa and nicole and of course Dermot. Helen flannagan was in the audience but i didn't see her. It was a celeb affair and i feel blessed to have seen so many great artists and celebs. I really think james was a true winner, he wasn't my first choice but has more and more people went i had to choose another. I reckon a lot of the finalists will do really well at the back of the xfactor, i wish them all luck. I got some pictures but i have to say there not the best quality, 1. everyone was bouncing around and couldn't keep a steady hand, 2. bad lighting and 3. everyone was here, there and everywhere. However i have a few good ones i can share with you and my boyfriend took some videos but i don't have them at the moment.

Some of the Christmas market.

Nails for the night.

Sorry there is so many, i just wanted to share the night lol.


  1. Amazing show but I don't think james deserves to win
    There were much better singers

  2. Amazing pictures! I swear I commented yesterday, I think my comment didn't go through boo, xoxo.

  3. Thank you. I got no email so must not of done. I was supppse to do a few posts whilst at my mums but ended up taking my little boy to hospital. Will try do them with my remaining net. Xx

    1. Yes he his fine :) He got a cut the other day and my step dad said its fine and put a plaster on it. The next day maison took it off and it bled so my mum told us to go hospital. Over three hours later of waiting and the doctor did nothing said its healing fine lol xx

    2. Lol better be safe then sorry, xoxo.


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