Sunday 29 December 2013

Fifty Shades | A Book Review

I've read them so much, they've seen better days!
I may of mentioned these in a post way back when this blog began and when I say mention I mean nothing to much in detail. The trio of Fifty Shades books, are amongst some of my favourite reads and I want to tell you why. It doesn't come by surprise that this trio of books have caused quite some controversy amongst the public and it doesn't just stop at the books, it's also the film too. I love nothing more then my favourite reads being made into a film, seeing such good books come alive in front of me (for me personally) is a fabulous, if somewhat geeky book nerd experience. And Fifty Shades is no exception. I didn't see Dakota Johnson or Jamie Dornan being cast for the part because I'd never heard of them. Does that mean I'm going to go into possible meltdown and refuse to see the film? No it doesn't. I loved the books and I'm willing to give the film a chance...

For me Fifty Shades is much more then the obvious (sex), yes it pops up a lot but if you look past that, these stories are so much more. Fifty Shades is exactly what it say's in the title, Fifty Shades. Fifty Shades none other then Christian Grey, sir!  Christian is a deeply insecure, tortured young man, who see's the world in a different light to everyone else around him. He doesn't want to be loved, he doesn't feel the love around him and wants to be in control - so he doesn't get hurt again. This is a man, a gorgeous man by the sounds of it who has so much, yet so little. He keeps himself to himself, doesn't get attached to woman, keeps his family at a distance and has a line of women for submissive purposes the size of an arm. That's all until Anastasia Steele comes running, falling into his office one day. It's a ticking time bomb in his head, that he can't get this young woman out of his head, he goes in search for her and is soon leading her on a path that is totally new to her. (She's a virgin therefore never experienced anything of submissive nature or even sex!) It's then Christian see's light through anothers eyes, he dotes on Ana, get's feelings he's never felt before and it's like life flashes before his very eyes and he wants more too. Of course along the way they face a lot together, Christian introducing Ana to his world, her learning the way of his erotic nature, gray tie and all. It's a beautiful story about a man who is fifty shades, he's been abused, neglected, loved (though he doesn't know this) and damaged. He need's control, he's bossy and will do anything to protect those around him, whilst helping others. He starts to experience feelings and changes the way he once was in the name of love, but that's not without it's problems and getting over things that lie much darker inside of him.

There is so many emotions in these books and it runs much darker and deeper then the obvious. People should look past the obvious and concentrate on what is a deep, romantic yet troubled love story, that is in  my eyes just beautiful and touching.

Fifty Shades of Grey coming to a cinema near you 13.02.15

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