Wednesday 18 December 2013

Another Body Shop Haul

Confession of a shopaholic or confession of a shopaholic when it comes to The Body Shop, since I'm not a shopper. I think my hauls of 2013 have been mainly filled with body shop products, considering I only bought a few goodies two weeks ago and since then I've made another order. I blame body shop and their emails showing me never ending fantastic deals and sales, free delivery over £5.00 and free gifts worth £10.00. The current sale is a fantastic 50% off, I was only going to spend £5.00 because I wanted a couple of the newly released Muslin cloths that retail at £2.50 each or £1.25 in sale, but I left it to late (a night) and by morning they were all out of stock, boohoo! So it's just an excuse to send the other half in store tomorrow and buy one. I was kind of naughty and ended up buying some stuff anyways, I stuck within reason to products I wanted to buy until I saw free gift on orders over £10.00 *Gulp* 

Tea tree facial wash £5.00 - I've recently tried Nivea and Simple facial wash and decided I'd try something different again. This is a 250ml bottle and I only paid £2.50 which is very good value. My skin has been in really bad condition with constant break outs and it really does put a damper on my insecurities, hopefully this helps in some way since it's suppose to help blemished skin - fingers crossed.

This Viatamin E moisture cream was the free gift, it's a good 50ml size and worth £10.00. We can only hope this helps my skin too, especially since it's starting to dry out and get patchy due to the cold weather. 

I decided to get the Aloe calming toner for absolutely no reason, I just did. It's a travel size at 60ml and is worth £3.00, I got it for £1.50. I got my sister for her birthday (19.12) the best selling seaweed toner, maybe we will do a join post on that.

Next up is this facial brush £4.00 - The reviews were really good on this and I'm happy to give anything a go that will improve my skin. I was shocked to see just how small it is, at least it will get it to those creases. I'm glad I paid only £2.00 for this though.

I got this born lippy pomegranate lip balm - full price £1.50, I paid £2.00. I got this because it was pomegranate and was instantly reminded of the korres lip butter and I thought maybe this will be the same with a lovely colour in balm form. I have tried it on and it smells amazing, but I didn't notice any hint of colour, whether it's buildable or not I couldn't tell you. So maybe I'll let you know in the near future.

I'm all about trying to improve my skin and bought another facial buffer after winning one in a giveaway. I love this and happy to have a back up when my other gets some wear and tear.

I picked up this Almond shower gel for just £1.00. £1.00 for 250ml of product (that's with 50% off by the way) I picked this up cause one of my favourite bloggers Laura, loves almond and it reminded me of her and I thought I'll try some nutty product too. Wasn't going to say no for a £1.00. 

And there you go all these goodies for £10.50 including free delivery and a gift worth £10.00. I will get my hands on them muslin cloths, can only hope there in store. Note: I've now picked up a Muslin cloth.

Offers are subject to change and may do so by the time I publish this post. There always on so look online at The Body Shop. Happy Shopping x


  1. I love the vitamin e moisture cream :)

    1. I've not tried it yet. But if you love it, I'm sure I won't have any problems :) x

  2. Ooh I've never used a facial buffer before. I might pick one up this weekend and I might take a look at the Tea Tree range as well. I have a gift card so I can splurge a little!

    1. I love it, it really makes my skin feel soft. I think it may of even helped my break out slightly :) I'm going to try the tea tree facial wash this morning. I'm hoping it makes my skin feel really fresh x

  3. Nice haul hun, I have the facial buffer and it is good. I also have the vitamin E cream, it reminds me of Nivea creams. Let me know how you get on with the almond shower gel because normally I love almond scented things but when I tried the expensive almond shower gel from L'occitane I couldn't stand the smell and gave it away, it just smelt too sickly sweet to me. Anyway from now I'm not going to be blogging for a few weeks, so I hope you have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year and thanks for being a great new friend Kate, xoxo.

    1. Thank you Inez. I think I got a good variety of skin care products :) Yeah I'll let you know once I've tried it a few times. I really don't need any shower gel now, think I'll use everyone I own before even thinking of buying anymore haha.

      I've not been blogging recently either, just here and there rather then everyday. Been so busy and I want to slow things down and enjoy Christmas with the family. You have a great Christmas and New Year too. Aww that's lovely, you too! I hope your son is fine now and can really enjoy Christmas - 6 more sleeps eckk!! xxx

  4. I'm loving TBS at the moment!
    New follower
    Gold Dust

    1. I know I saw. I'm really addicted :D x

      Thank you x


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