Tuesday, 31 December 2013

What I got For Christmas - Part 2 | Sale Haul

For Christmas I was fortunate to be given some incredible gifts and along side that vouchers and money. On Christmas eve I spent some of that money at Boots in the sale, then found on Christmas day I did in fact have a Boots gift card - which meant more Boots shopping in the sales. I was also gifted some Love2shop vouchers and spent one yesterday. I thought I'd share with you, what I managed to pick up.

I didn't pick up this calendar in the sale but it was pretty cheap on Amazon with most (of the same calendar) going for around £10-£15 this was less then five! I'm a little obsessed with The Mortal Instruments since reading the book's and watching the film that this ended up being my go to calendar this year, I tend to go for Eeyore every year because he's my favourite and thought I was due a change. This is such a good film and the book's are amazing too, I've can't wait for the DVD release at the end of January.

I picked up this Champneys exotic retreat collection in Boot's - which is full of decent sized mini's. It was only £6.00 in the sale. I also picked up these Barry M nail art pens in pink and white to complete my collection (was a bit gutted to find the pink one had been opened and tampered with once I got home, but I can't exactly prove this) and if you spent £6 or more you got this limited edition nail polish. Nail art pens are £4.99 each.

I've heard a lot about Katy Perry' Killer Queen perfume that I decided to pick up the gift set, I paid less then £12.00 for this. I also kind of fell in love the Charles Worthington volume and bounce shampoo and conditioner, I was fortunate enough to go to the Charles Worthington cinema event where we were given goody bags with the new collection in and I just loved it so finding this little beauty amongst the web for just £8.00 was the icing on the cake for me and look at the size of them bottles, absolute bargain! I picked up another Baylis and Harding shower gel set this was only £2.00 and I mainly got it to qualify for free in store delivery. I then picked up this Sanctuary hand wash duo which was down to £5.00 from £10.00 - I really love sanctuary. Yesterday I picked up some slippers from Tesco for just £5.00, (it must of been fate because these were the last pair available and also in my size, when getting a photo online - because I can't photo them nicely - I found they were actually marked at £10.00 because they are in fact new stock) I am more of a slipper sock, fluffy sock kinda gal but my obsession and it is an obsession is so crazy that if I buy one more pair, I'll have to buy new drawers too, it made sense to go for some slippers on this occasion though I had to drag myself away from the sock section despite the slippers being in my basket. I also picked up these jeans from internacionale for only £9.99 using a Love2shop voucher. My town isn't great for shops, so I couldn't get much else therefore will have to go out of town to spend the rest.

I said to myself, I don't need anymore bath sets and I went out and came back with one bath set. My Boots didn't have much left in the sale that I was interested in buying and the Champney's set had one of my favourite scents in the set. I will NOT be making any Body Shop orders in 2014 (new year resolution alert lol) - I really own that much bath stuff! Come end of Jan and I'm going to get my hands on The Mortal Instrument, Glee Season 4 box and probably a few others.

Have you managed to get any great bargains in the sale? Drop a comment and let me know!

Hope you all have a fab night and a happy new year ♡

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