Friday 27 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas - 2013!

I really lacked in Christmas spirit in the build up to Christmas and really wasn't my excited self. It wasn't until the big day it's self that I started getting into the swing of things - I just love watching others open their gifts and after that the atmosphere was joyful, happy and merry plus the food was delicious. Over the last two days it's actually been sunny but cold up North and now (Friday 27th) we're back to lovely wind and rain, I'd actually settle for some winter snow about now because it's not Christmas without the white stuff, we've had a bit but since it's the UK I expect to see it in Feb or maybe even March which will end up disturbing my trip to London! The last two day's have been so amazing and I've really enjoyed spending time with my family, now it's kind of back to normality until New Year and then a few day's later I'm off to Newcastle. I knew a few of the gifts I were going to get for Christmas but I didn't quite expect to get so much because me, my mum and step dad had agreed on a rather expensive gift to me, so I ended up being rather shocked and surprised but also entirely grateful for just how much I got off them. Not just off them, but everyone else in my family.. I love Christmas hauls and thought I'd share mine with you along with my OOTD over the last two days (Christmas and Boxing day) and what we had for Christmas dinner.


The two boxes of Thorntons are joint, the rest is mine, but I'll share I promise ;)
I told you in my last post I was a chocoholic and wanted to cut down for my New Year resolution and look what happened I got so much and this isn't even including the tin and box I bought when shopping pre-christmas.

I was fortunate to be gifted some gorgeous bath sets, I love Soap & Glory and Nivea. The Nivea soft cream I use everyday, I love it and thrilled I've got a back up. I was really happy to find a Bomb Cosmetics Christmas gift set in my presents, it seems like ages since I mentioned I'd like to get my hands on some products from the brand.

I got a whole bunch of makeup related products including two sets of Real Technique makeup brushes one being Sam's picks. The Sensationail set which was completely unexpected from my parents - I was actually with them when they bought my sister this set and I remember my step-dad saying he was going to go to the bank to get some money out and told us to go into New Look and he went and bought this and I had absolutely no idea, sneaky!. I also got this fifty shades mug and keyring - thanks mum and just to let you know I'm not waiting for any Christian Grey type billionaire to sweep me off my feet (money means nothing to me). I got some really amazing beauty goodies from Barry M, Korres (I own this but almost out), TRESemme, Mac and Dior. Plus I got some money which I've spent some in the Boots sale on Christmas eve and lots of vouchers too from love2shop and Boots. Your probably wondering why I've got the Highway Code book, well this is my most exciting present, my mum and step-dad have agreed to fund some driving lessons for me, I'm so excited. 

I got a new pair of jeans from New Look and this gorgeous top from Quiz.

I'm entirely grateful, I've been so spoilt. It's the one day a year where everyone goes completely overboard!

OOTD - Christmas

This was my Christmas outfit, simple yet a little dressy.
The top/dress is suppose to be a dress but I'm far to tall to pull it off so it's a tunic style top on me.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner all courtesy of my Step-dad - It was so delicious. I had a you've been framed moment and managed to empty a full-bottle of salt all over my dinner lol. 

OOTD - Boxing Day

My Boxing day outfit. I decided to wear my wedges again. We enjoyed the day with more extended family and my step-dad and mum put on a buffet type spread - again great foods and I ate too much!

I had such a great Christmas, I hope you did too.

I'll show my Boots Christmas haul soon. Me and my boyfriend got one another a selection of gifts to open but decided we'd treat other in the sales too. I want a couple of DVD's and a box set so will be getting them soon.


  1. Love your Christmas outfit and the clothes you got. You got so many sweeties too, lucky you! I hope you can review the brushes soon?
    I know what you mean about the snow though. I don't know how far north you are, I'm 15 miles north of Inverness and it's been so weird that the snow on the hills has started to melt! We did have a little bit and it almost stopped me getting Home! Xx

    1. I'm only near Manchester. I'm disappointed that there is no snow! I want snow lol. Thank you, I love my clothes I got to, they didn't stay clean for long with a sicky niece though. I got wayyyy to many sweets haha. I hope you had a great Christmas xx

  2. Aww! Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas! Lucky lady!! I love those shoes!! Gorgeous!! x

    1. I did, though I was a little bit scrooge pre-christmas lol. I was very spoilt. I've had the shoes for a few years I just don't wear them much for obvious reasons (a broken neck, leg maybe arm) I hope you had a brilliant Christmas kim x

  3. Love your elegant xmas outfit. I really want that Sensationail kit, can't wait for your review, xoxo.

    1. Thank you :) It's very simple with the classic leggings haha. I haven't even opened it yet lol xx


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