Thursday 3 April 2014

Divergent Premiere & London - March 2014

I have been blown away with good luck in the last few weeks of March, great win's, makeup launch and Divergent premiere invite and two days in London, plus it was my birthday too. I entered a competition to win Divergent tickets, but didn't. Laura from petit moi big world managed to get tickets and invited me as her plus one which was absolutely lovely of her, we'd never met before but spoke so much on social media sites and bonded over blogging and so on. I booked train tickets with the help of my Dad, Laura booked the hotel room which we went halves on and we made our way to London. We we're pushing for time, since the premiere was starting at 1.30 and we wouldn't be arriving in London until between 11.30 and 12.00, neither of us came dressed for the occasion and we got lost on more then one occasion but it was completely worth it and I had a blast.

Not the band I would of chose but it was the only one left due to us being late. We got a free tee too. 
 When we arrived a Leicester Square, we found the ticket weren't all what they were suppose to be, hundreds had these same tickets and we found we wasn't, like we thought we were VIP. Still we got to walk the red carpet and saw Veronica Roth the author of the Divergent series still chatting to fans on the red carpet, unfortunately the rest of the stars had disappeared. The que was huge but went down fairly fast. I was feeling a little disappointed at the turn of events, I'm not a crazy fan girl but I love the whole celebrity culture and I'm really into it. Thankfully our wishes were met and once sat down, the stars of the movie, director and author included came on stage and said hello to us all and they walked straight past us twice (we we're on the back row). So without further a due, here are snaps from the event.

Just want to say I was entirely grateful for the experience regardless of the turn of events. I just expected to walk the red carpets straight away and felt disappointed I hadn't seen the stars. I still had a lovely time and a fantastic experience and hopefully the opportunity arises to go to another premiere in the future, regardless of whether I do walk the red carpet with the stars or not. To be part of something that will probably be once in a life time for myself was amazing and I was so very fortunate to attend.

L-R: Director Neil Burger, Ben Lloyd-Hughes (Will), Kate Winslet (Jeanine), Shailene Woodley (Tris), Theo James (Four), Author of  Divergent Veronica Roth

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The movie is as close to the books as it possibly can be, there is the obvious little changes but nothing to dramatic but it's definitely what completes the film. I loved it, and the chemistry between Four and Tris is perfect. I really think it's a film for everyone, there's plenty of action and romance. I'm on the second book now and I'm honesty really looking forward to completing it and then watching the next movie later on next year. Roll on the launch of the DVD, I want to watch it again already. Movie out in cinemas 4th of April - I urge you to see it, you won't be disappointed.


The next day me and Laura both went to Makeup Revolution launch event which you can see here we then went and did a little sightseeing.

I had such an amazing time.

Divergent book review coming soon.


  1. The movie is fantastic! I really love it, you must of had a blast, xoxo.

    1. It was AMAZING! I'm sooo wanting to see it again! xx


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