Sunday 6 April 2014

My Birthday

There's nothing I love more then birthday posts, seeing what everyone's getting for their birthday are some of the top posts I love to read. It's over a week since I turned 23 and thought it was time to put together my own birthday post and show you what I got. I did get so spoilt and ended up with goodies I didn't expect getting, I'm ever so grateful though. I also included in this post what I got for Mother's Day.

It wouldn't be a birthday without cake, even though I didn't have any on my actual birthday due to a big tea, but I had my heart set on this Asda princess cake and got it. My twin niece's got me these gorgeous flowers and a pair of pj's - I love my nightwear. 

My laptop is on it's way out so I thought about getting a tablet, about a week before my birthday and surprise, surprise I got the Nexus 7 off my Dad. This was totally unexpected but truly appreciated. I'm on my laptop now, have been all day, just mega shocked it's managed this long. It does work, the fault being the connector inside for the electricity, unfortunately.

Yes I'm a mega Gleek, I have all the box sets but unfortunately don't have Sky to watch the episodes, so rely on the box sets when they come out. I'll probably cry watching this knowing it was Cory's last season. 

I've been waiting a year and finally it's going to happen, this weekend (tomorrow). Harry Potter studio's, eck! I'm so extremely excited being the Harry Potter fan I am, my partner is going to get me extra birthday presents by treating me a lot in the gift shop. I got the package with the digital info and the book for keepsake purposes. Expect a huge review on this, probably next week.

I got these amazing Ciate kits off my sister, one neon where the nails are glow in the dark and the chalk board nails, which I was after for ages. These are unbelievably cheap at Fragrance Direct and still full price at Ciate and Selfridges so it's worth a look. My sister also got my a birthday girl lolly which my daughter used as a hammer and now it's in little pieces and not photograph worthy. 

I got a voucher for Boots and some cash, I spent some on a hotel in London Sunday night (30.03.14) I'll probably spend the remainder on Harry Potter Studio's and maybe a few bits from Makeup Revolution.

Yes, another Paul Boutique bag. If you saw my freebie March post you will have seen that I won a PB bag recently too. This one is the Bridget bag, it's very spacious and can be either a grab bag or thrown over the shoulder. The shade I chose is classic beige and retails at £70.00 and available in five other shades. I was originally going to get a suede bag but changed my mind, this one is easier to clean.

Ever since seeing this swatched I've been in love. The shades are absolutely stunning and I'd wear them all. This as become a beauty staple in my collection and I'm not disappointed. The UD Naked 3 is my favourite palette right now.

If you saw my Birthday wishlist post, you'd of noticed the pink/nude Ted Baker makeup bag on there, again I changed my mind. I fell in love with the bag and the design is just so pretty, they have matching shoes to - serious shoe envy. This is the smaller bag at £22 but I can't help wish I'd asked for the wash bag for an extra £3, this is a decent size but it's just big enough for the basic everyday look therefore there's a minimum of what to bring on weekend away or holidays. It's definitely not Naked 3 friendly, but still pretty non-the-less. It's on sale at asos for £15.00 the other day they wete also doing an extra 10% off - subject to change.

I got this purse, new bag new purse and all that. This is the lizzie neon gradient leopard print purse and valued at £35.00. I love it, it is big to what I'd usually get but easy to find in my new big bag.

I also got the Lindor chocolates for my birthday and the tiara is obviously off my cake.

For Mother's Day (opened on April Fools due to two day away) I got TVD seasons 1-4. I've wanted this for so long, I love it, I'm addicted. I also got more beautiful flowers.


  1. Wow you had loads of lovely things for your birthday :)
    Hope you had a lovely day. I am also a huge Harry Potter fan and loved going to the studios - hope you have a great time :)
    Strawberry Sundaes

    1. I had a great day thank you. Harry Potter studio's was out of this world, everything I imagined and more, I need to write my review and then I'll do a separate haul post :) x

  2. Looks like you got some wonderful gifts. Hope you had a fab 23rd birthday! :)

  3. Wow! Happy birthday! I adore that Ted Baker makeup bag, was thinking about getting one for myself ;)

    Check out my blog at:

  4. Wonderful gifts Kate! You received the naked 3 palette woo hoo, its got such gorgeous shades, maybe one day I'll get it as a gift too ;), xoxo.

    1. Just get hinting! I love it, been using it everyday since! Must say the Iconic 3 is an excellent dupe and a steal at £4.00. You can buy that for the mean time xx


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