Thursday 22 June 2017

The Forbidden Corner | Family Time

It's been a couple of months since I went to The Forbidden Corner and I thought it was time I shared my experience with you. I first visited The Forbidden Corner when I was about 14 years old and thoroughly enjoyed it enough to want to go back many moons later with my own children and family. It's a few hours drive from my home, but very scenic and full of beautiful countryside from A to B. They advise you to book online prior to visiting to guarantee a good experience, entry and obviously room for your car in the car park. 

Forbidden Corner is a great day out for all the family, although a little hard work for prams to get around and I'd recommend a baby carrier for any little ones. It's quite the quirky place, full of fun and quite intellectual for the children. There's a cafe and gift shop on site and although the gift shop is reasonably priced I'd say the food and drinks are a little on the expensive side, although it's a treat and well worth pushing the boat out on this occasion to make a full day of it, plus if you don't take a picnic you're basically in the middle of nowhere with no food.

The landscapes are beautiful and so scenic.

There's many water features and some are well hidden that like to shoot at you when a censer is activated. My daughter got hit by them all and swore she'd never go back again due to this, although she did say she really enjoyed herself. Above shows her before she got attacked by another water feature and the most she'd got drenched by any. I don't want to give too much away about what we experienced beyond the doors in the photo but it gave Willy Wonka's factory a run for it's money - just less edible.

Another one's activated!!!

The price for entry is reasonable, but please take into consideration the extra costs for food and petrol to get there because a car is definitely needed due to being literally in the middle of nowhere. It's fun and quirky and for all ages. The weather was on our side that day and although we got wet at times we dried relatively quickly - I'd recommend going on a sunny day because 90% of it is outdoors. We missed parts of it due to a bit being away from the main attraction, which was most unfortunate and there's loads of new parts being added too. The part we missed is actually across from the main entrance to get in, so don't do a us and miss out. I'd also recommend going as early as possible when booking a time to make the most of your day there and to thoroughly enjoy it. I'm hoping to make a journey back there sometime. You can take a look at The Forbidden Corner website here.

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