Tuesday 6 June 2017

One Love Manchester | The Concert

Terrorism in this county has really hit home these past couple of months and not only been very upsetting but quite alarming too. Being a northern girl myself and Manchester being quite close to home and Manchester Arena being somewhere I've attended several concerts at over the past 12 months was quite frightening for myself, although not anywhere near that of those who were at the Ariana Grande concert when tragedy struck that night. Victoria Station (locatated underneath the arena) was somewhere I went with my baby girl a mere 9 days before and only 4 weeks previous had I attended the Ed Sheeran concert at Manchester Arena it's self. I feel fortunate that it wasn't one of those events that were struck when I attended myself but heartbroken and saddened by the tragedy that unfolded and for the victims, the injured, the families, friends and tragically the 22 that lost their lives. I call them Manchesters 22 and would like to just taken a moment to remember those who so tragically lost their lifes and were taken way too soon. To thank the emergency services that responded so quickly and to the police that are still continously patrolling the streets. I'd also like to take a moment to remember those killed and think of those seriously injured and fighting after the terroist attack in London just a few days ago.

 Ariana Grande was criticised for flying out of the country within hours of the tragedy happening, but I know full well I'd want to be surrounded by my loved one's had I been apart of something so heartbreaking, just like everyone else would of done had they been in the audience of the concert. We, the United Kingdom, are a great country full of great people and when something or someone tries to knock us down all we do is pick ourselves up and carry on, in circumstances like this we unite and become one and Manchester very much was a United City. Ariana is only 23 years old and I can't help but admire how courageous she was to return to Manchester just a few weeks later to put on a great show and raise money for One Love Manchester. 

One Love Manchester was broadcasted worldwide, on BBC and on Youtube by Ariana herself. One Love Manchester wasn't just a tribute but also a way of raising money for the victims and the families injured and affected by the explosion at Manchester Arena. A huge sum of money has been raised so far and it'll do a lot of greatness for those involved, it's also thanks to Ariana for planning such an event in such short notice to give something back. Everyone stood in that arena and united and showed in the best way possible this country will not be beat.

I was lucky alongside my friend to get tickets the day before the concert, not only was the line up incredible but it was also for the most incredible cause and I wanted to help in anyway I possibly could. I bought my ticket, bought the above tee and have bought a badge to show my support and 5 days after the tragedy I went to M&S and bought the brightest and biggest bunch of flowers I could find and laid them in St Ann's Square in memory of those who lost their life. 

It was an incredible evening and so heartwarming and beautiful with some very touching words. The artists were great, the audience even better and the atmospehere electric. I honestly had the best time. Rumous have started circulating about this being made into an annual event and also into a tribute for the victims. I think it's an incredible idea and would be great to raise money for various charities through music. Without further ado I'm going to share some of the photo's I took throughout the evening.

 We had a really good standing position.

You can raise money or donate some yourself at the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund through Just Giving or purchase One Love Manchester Merch which will all go to the red cross charity above.

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