Tuesday 21 March 2017

#GirlCrush Box Opening | A Little Bit of Everything in a Box !!

 #GirlCrush Box was made with the hopes of reaching out to social media influences in getting smaller brands alongside some well know brands out into the spotlight. I was very happy to be contacted by the #GirlCrush Box team themselves and being asked to become a social media influencer. There are so many smaller, unknown, but great brands out there and if I can help in any way to highlight them then I'm definitely on board to getting involved. #GirlCrush Box themselves are an invitation only box, although you are able to fill in your details online if you are interested in being a social influencer and the team behind the box will get in contact with you at a later date. Hashtag boxed is like no other box seen across most blogging platforms and comes with a lot of variety - there's makeup, beauty, fashion and lifestyle bits and pieces inside each box. They also ask for information to try and suit the box to your own personal tastes. The box each month is £30 but the price was £20 for the first 30 social media influencers that signed up. Alongside the box, 10% of the takings goes to charity each month.

Pinky Goat Ruba Eyelashes - £9.99, Sugar Tits Unicorn Bark - £15 for full-size, LACC Nail Polish in 1941 - £10.43, Circ-Cell Skincare Daily Hydration Moisturiser - £40.14/48g and Keeko Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen - £18.61

Inside was a mix of makeup, beauty and sweet treats, there's quite a bit of variety and I can definitely see myself using most of the products above and indulging in the unicorn bark.  

AQ/AQ isn't a brand I'm familiar with but it definitely seems quite luxurious judging by the price. I've looked through the website and there are some really nice pieces, unfortunately, this particular style of dress isn't my cup of tea and it's such a shame because of the price. This comes with a deep plunge at the front and I'm really not into showing too much boob and hardly ever have my teeny cleavage out, it's just something I'm not particularly comfortable with. 

I really love the scent of the candle, it's such a fresh scent and I'm looking forward to lighting it.

 This is a really versatile bracelet that could go alongside other bracelets and be stacked up. Bracelets are one of my favourite pieces of jewellery and I don't own anything like this in my collection. I love the marble design, it's very on trend.

So there you have it, everything inside of the March edition of #GirlCrush Box. I'm super happy with everything that came in the box and the variety of the contents is just simply amazing. The value is outstanding and is worth a grand total of £331.61 at a cost of just £20. If you want to check out #GirlCrush Box you can do so here. What do you think of  #GirlCrush Box? If you'd like any product reviews in a separate post then please let me know in the comment section below. All I can say is roll on April.

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  1. I signed up to #GirlCrush and love it! It's such great value!


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