Sunday 5 March 2017

Pregnancy Update: It's The Final Countdown - Updated

 I can hardly believe this pregnancy is coming to an end. I haven't long since hit the 8 months mark and today marks the final 4-week countdown to my due date. Apart from the sterilising of bottles, etc, and the last few thing's needing to be packed in the hospital bag everything else is ready to go.  I thought it was the right time to do my final pregnancy update before my announcement of my baby girl's birth and also fill you in on how thing's have been going since my last update.

♥ Baby's been head down for the last 2 and half months which makes every movement feel like I need to rush to the bathroom to empty my bladder. 

♥ The midwife say's she very compact and the fact her hands and feet are right next to one another makes me feel we may actually have a gymnast in the family.

♥ The right-hand side of my body is a mix between a football and a punch bag - I feel every kick and poke from my little baba. I also see her hands, feet or knees sticking out too.

♥ The last couple of days have been a little more relaxed and I don't feel like I'm constantly exhausted. I have my moments of course, but I feel a little more energised compared to usual. My appetites definitely decreased and I think this is down to my squashed stomach.

♥ I went to the hospital for an internal scan recently and wasn't given an internal, they instead gave me a growth scan. The midwife said I didn't need an internal due to my placenta being moved from 32 weeks and that when the placenta moves it's unlikely to move back. After the scan I saw a consultant who disagrees with this and now I've to go back and have an internal on the 13th. Apparently, some blood vessels could be covering my cervix where the placenta once lay and could still put my life at risk. Fingers crossed that's not the case.

♥ My cervix is also thin and frail.

♥ Growth is on the low side but still within measurements and water appears to be fine too. 

♥ At the growth scan (28th of Feb) baby was around 5lb 2oz.

I think that's all the updates I've got for now. I'm super excited and ready for her to arrive. I'm so over being pregnant and being poked and prodded. This will be my last update whilst being pregnant and the next baby related post will be her arrival. Hopefully the internal happens and fingers cross it all goes swimmingly. 

Update - I went to the hospital on Monday (13th) and everything came back fantastic. Growth is good, water is good, no blood vessels are covering my cervix and the most exciting part is the baby's head is now engaged and resting on my cervix - I'm 3/5 engaged!! My consultant believes I'll go into labour really really soon, so now it's just a waiting game. Wish me luck.. eck!!

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  1. Eeekkk!! Wishing you all the love and luck for when the time comes!

    Danielle xo


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