Wednesday 1 March 2017

Little Mix Wishmaker Perfume | Review

When the Boot's January Sale popped up on the Boot's website I decided to go on the hunt for some perfume. I don't tend to purchase much perfume for myself and only use the sales to top up and usually spend as little as possible. I'd started to run out of some of my favourites and wanted something a little different to try. When I saw the Little Mix Wishmaker gift set was only £13 I quickly added it to my shopping cart with an open mind. I've tried many celebrity perfumes before and been thoroughly impressed; Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears are among some of my celebrity faves.

I'm really quite surprised at this fragrance because I didn't expect to like it quite as much as I actually do and it's definitely up there in the top 5 celebrity fragrances I've tried. I find the scent to be quite long lasting in comparison to most I've had the pleasure of owning. It's very feminine and girly with a sweet, floral type scent and slightly fruity too. The sweetness of the fragrance isn't too much or overpowering. I've seen plenty of reviews on this product that recommend this perfume is only for youngsters and this I think is purely down to the band that's put their name to it and I honestly couldn't disagree more. I am a woman of 25 going on 26 and I love Little Mix and I love this perfume and I think anyone of any age will also love this scent too. I got the gift set and the bubble bath inside is similar in scent to that of the perfume and the socks are super cosy too. The packaging is quite simple but nice enough, it's probably the only thing that's not exactly blown me away.

I'd definitely recommend this perfume to anyone of any age and I think you'll be quite surprised. You can pick this up from Superdrug, Boots and The Perfume Shop as well as various other shops online.

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