Sunday 30 March 2014

Book Takeover Sunday | Gotcha By Christie Craig

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At time of purchase Gotcha was Free on Amazon for kindle.

Macy Tucker was just five when her grandad died in a bowl of spaghetti he was eating, her dad upped and left too and her engagement was broke off and relationship over, due to her partner being unable to keep it in his trousers. Macy has an issue and that issue being men, she's so over them, and instead, wants to concentrate on law school, work and paying her bills. But plans made, are never plans that go right, and sexy detective Jake Baldwin is soon in her life thanks to her brother, whose on the run from jail with some crazy killer, who just happens to be the ex boyfriend of Macy' brothers, new girlfriend, he'll stop at nothing for revenge, with people getting injured and shot dead along the way.

My Thoughts

What a great novel. It was fun, entertaining, romantic and witty all rolled into 335 pages. The story was sprung between several characters, really going into depth of the story line which is a crime, but in a sexy somewhat humorous way. I found the relationship to be somewhat predictable but not in a negative way (who doesn't want to see, the two main characters, together?), Macy and Jake totally belong together, yes they fancy each other so quickly, and Jake loves shutting up Macy with a kiss, but their banter which really shows in the book, really makes you want them to just get in on and make it work. And Jake is such a romantic. When it was sprung onto the other characters, I did find myself wanting the spotlight to be back on Macy and Jake. Macy does what she wants, when she wants and along the way is a stubborn fool who does get herself in danger but her wittiness and sense of humour, makes her a very likeable character and this story a fantastic read. Score 4/5.

This is the first novel in series Tall, Hot & Texan - I'm definitely going to be downloading the second.

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