Sunday 9 March 2014

Book Takeover Sunday | Killing Memories by Tatiana Moore

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At time of purchase Killing Memories was free on Amazon for Kindle.

Estela Ramos isn't looking for love or even a fling for that matter, and she thinks there's nothing wrong with that. But ask her best friend or mother and they'd tell you different, they think Es fears rejection and keeping her virginity for that reason, at 26 Es thinks that she'll be a laughing stock because she's not skinny like her model best friend Moo and can't look a man in the eye for even a minute, but she's quite content with her life right now, putting everything into work. That is until her meddling mum sets her up with her doctor, that same doctor that changes her life forever. He's a stalker, with a medical problem and hasn't been taking his medication, he won't leave Es alone and does what he can to split a potential partner (moo's photographer and a male she finds herself finally warming too) and herself up, with his crazy behaviour including some tyre slashing, camera planting and possible poison sandwiches, Es wonders if she's ever destined to live a normal life, in a normal relationship or destined to be alone forever.

My Thoughts 
When I started reading this, I was a little in doubt about whether it would be a great read for myself personally and I hold my hands up and admit, I was completely wrong. It started off somewhat slow, but once it going into the jest of things, I really didn't want to put it down. Full of laugh out loud moments, witty comedy and a pesky stalker, it really had you stood on the tip of your toes, wondering what would happen next. Though at times I felt a little frustrated by Es and her willingness to take things further, when she really wants too. There is a second novel in the Killing Memories series and I seriously want to buy it, I can't help but think there's more to her and Caleb, then meets the eye, though, that may just be me thinking to much into it. And then there's Caleb' twin brother, whom Es seems to get on better with, I see chemistry and banter with them two, more then I do with Caleb and there's John also (Caleb's twins friend). Lets just say there's a lot of scenarios going on in my head. Score 4.5/5

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