Thursday 13 March 2014

Revlon Colorburst Balm | Lacquer & Matte

The Revlon colorburst balms have been really hyped about since the release not so long ago. Are they worth the hype? definitely. I got one of each from both the lacquer and matte range in elusive (Matt) and vivacious (lacquer). 

Both collections have ten shades each and are available from most drugstores (Boots, Superdrug) for £7.99 each. If your lucky enough, you'll maybe, be able to catch offers scattered around.

Each balm comes with a twisty bottom to reveal more product, once you start running out.

 The packaging, is made to suit each individual shade and texture. With matte being matte and Lacquer coming in a shiny, glossy looking tube with the colour matching the product inside.

These are typical balm in texture with a beautiful pigment of colour. 

They also have the minty scent, it's not to strong.

Elusive (matte) is a beautiful cool-toned light to medium pink. This lip swatch does it no justice what-so-ever (look at arm swatch above please). I can only describe this shade as a peach nude pink, it's such a summer toned pink that will look fantastic with or without a tan. Defines the object of this being a matte shade, but I applied a clear lip balm before applying elusive on top for a glossy look. Doing this, doesn't show the shade to it's full potential and in all honesty, it look's so much better off just to show off the shade more. No matter how you wear it, elusive is a best selling shade and swatches show why, it took me a week before I could purchase this - my local Superdrug was out of stock. If you suffer from dry, cracked lips, a balm is a must else the matte will look flaky. But I mustn't stress how beautifully moisturising the matte shades are, so if your lucky you will probably get away with it. Applying wise, I find with the matte you need more product for a good coverage. Fantastic for wearing during the day.

Vivacious (lacquer) is a more pink then red, with a hint of red. A hot pink, maybe? It's ultra moisturising balm with a glossy shine and a beautiful swipe of colour. Vivacious comes with a slight shimmer, that's not to noticeable nor can you feel it when worn. Staying power is fantastic, considering it's a balm and stays on quite well once you've had lunch but anymore drinks later on and you'll be left with a slight, lip liner looking appearance and more then definitely will need to re-apply. Saying that I'm very impressed with it's staying power, for a balm. I'd say the matte was the same when used with a balm, but when worn alone it does last longer, so does vivacious, they both dry to the lips and aren't noticeable or drying in the slightest a hour or so after applying (Hence why I feel it's almost like a lip stain). You can apply more layers so it's super pigmented then swatch above. Fantastic for night time wear, but definitely can get away with wearing it during the day if you like a pop of colour or a bold statement lip.

Overall I'm so impressed, I can't decided whether I like the matte more then the lacquer. I love the feel of a glossy lip, but love the shade of the matte. Applying wise lacquer I feel is better, it just glides on effortlessly where the matte takes a little more effort. They are, though, super beautiful lip products and I urge, if you haven't already, to go out and purchase at least one of each.


  1. I love the colour of the lacquer! Amazing <3
    Great post :)

  2. Beautiful Colors...:)

  3. They are pretty shades, I prefer Elusive though, xoxo.

    1. It's a lovely cool toned pink perfect for some, where sometimes less is more xx


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