Sunday 17 March 2019

Zoella Colour Pop Collection - Mini Haul & My Thoughts

When I heard Zoe was releasing a collaboration with ColourPop I decided I were going to treat myself. I love the Zoella Beauty range and despite it not being makeup orientated I were intrigued to see what this collaboration would offer. I've never tried ColourPop either, so it was a win win situation in getting some of this collection and also trying the brand for the very first time.

I love the theme of this collection and how everything is related around brunch. I find some of the names questionable in regards to the soul mate, sincerely yours, etc, because I'm unsure how those types of names fit in with a brunch theme. It's a cute collection nevertheless and I love the packaging so much. It's a mix of lip products, an highlighter, blush, lip duo of a matte lip and lip pencil (can also buy separate), the makeup bag, eye products and the palette. You can also buy the entire collection in the PR package for $89, which works out around £80. I'm also happy to see Zoe work with a brand that she trusts and also is a fan of having seen her rave about many ColourPop products in the past.

The palette is made up of lots of warm toned shades in both shimmers and mattes as well as a pop of colour. I'm not very experimental with colour on my eyes and always found Zoe to be a neutral, warm toned gal, so pretty glad that this palette suits the eye looks she mainly creates with her go-to colours. On first look the shades do look quite similar and I've seen people online complain about the similarities, but I found once swatched they couldn't be more different and let me tell you something, they're so so stunning.

How beautiful is this palette? It's a gorgeous mix of colours and despite it being mainly warm-toned you can create some beautiful looks. The pigmentation is stunning. I find a little goes a long way and it's easy to blend. It's also long lasting without any primer and I only experienced a tiny little fall-out. Below the shades are swatched once. 

There were 3 shades of the ultra matte lip to choose from and I just picked up the one and I've been wearing it everyday since it arrived on my doorstep. It's the perfect nude colour for me. Usually anything nude will have me looking so washed out, but this a beautiful mauve colour and probably one of the best nudes I've found that work with my skin tone. This one is called ME. It's definitely creamy before drying to the matte formula, which makes it easy to work with when applying. It dries relatively quickly and also long-lasting.

Overall I'd definitely recommend the palette and lip products. I've not tried any of the other range, but seen loads of Youtube video's and there's some real winners among the collection that others have loved. Shop ColourPopxZoella here.

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